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Saumya Apr 2013
I haven't met you in person,
but it is your inner beauty that has touched my heart,
you are my sweet little sis,
Oh Marian, you're so pretty,
just like a goddess as a deity,
you are so wise, yet so young,
I hope all your verses are sung,
and celebrated,
'Cause, you envision the most beautiful things in the world,
making it a perfect Utopian world.
This is for my sweet little sis, Marian. She is so beautiful as a person, that I hope I would be like her some day.
She is so wise,you can never guess from her picturesque poems, that she is so young. 
Be as you are forever, sweetheart :) <3
Saumya Apr 2013
As I sat down by the lake,
And watched the waves come and go by,
I saw a group of mermaids, who came by for a chat,
I was surprised, as they called each other fat.
Worried about the pettiest pimple,
I realized, they were no different,
They talked about how handsome their Duke is,
As, each of them yearned to be a Duchess.

When it was getting dull,
I saw a seagull,
I cheered for him, as he picked up a fish,
I was free like him, I wish.
I decided to sit there, and blend into the essence of the lake,
Till the water turns into snowflakes.
Saumya Mar 2013
Losing sight of the stars,
now that I've come so far,
overlooking the skies dark,
just to make a mark,
I look back,
and see myself wondering,
which road to travel,
one with the gravel,
or the one with the marvel.

I rather chose the one with the gravels
(inspired by Robert Frost)
just so it would have a better outcome in the end
so as to make my body and soul unify
that is why I dreamt so high.

Well, ten years from now, I'd like to see myself this way.
Saumya Mar 2013
Love never dies,
just like the sweet taste of pies,
it's a perfect emotion,
and that's a truthful notion,
it is the sweetest bond,
with the depth of the sea and beyond,
love the people around you,
just like the Messiah loves you,
so that, love never dies,
just like the sweet taste of pies.
Saumya Mar 2013
Life is all about experiences,

Some may be good, some may be bad

But you’ve to embrace them all

Life is queer with its twists and turns

You may not be happy with what’s in store,

But you’ve to embrace them all

All you've to do is learn from your past,

And don’t repeat those mistakes

So those regretful memories don’t last.

No one said life would be easy,

But, in the end,  it would be worth it.
Saumya Mar 2013
Watching the night sky,

all I want is to fly,

so far away,

where there are no hardships in the way,

away from all the worries,

in a land of fairies.

Watching life change its course,

opening and closing various doors,

I try to grab every opportunity that comes my way,

to row my boat a long way.

— The End —