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Mar 2013
If you cant listen
To the repitory words
I've spilled from my
Lips and hand
For a time now
I can't make you
If you can't appreciate
The endless trail of my
Wanting to please you
Pining giving and waiting
For much too long
I can't make you
I see and hear
The words you choose
and actions you use
It weighs heavy on my heart
Leans, no yanks me
To witness where
You would take me
With no regard to
a smile or frown
Upon my face or heart
I can't make you
I can take my own advice
And change my life
So I stay sane
And admit
As I've had so many
Times before
I'll be taking this door
All alone.
Because, I can't make you
I cant make you
I can admit I was wrong
This doesn't make me happy
I need more then
just sassy presence
I can pull myself together
Even though inside me
The weather is so grey
But I can't make you
I can't make you
it pains me
To admit to the world
Im trying to lit
Is so rough and
Untraveled, I was so
If I gave more
Did it all
Gave every moment
Only to you
Id feel a darkness
Inside me subside
And its not
Its growing out of control
And given me a hole
I can't balance anything on
I need more and
I can't make you
Make you love me.
Written by
Goddess Tonya Medrano  michigan
   --- and individuality-exists
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