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Sep 2019
Don’t let the name fool you
But let me school you
Captain Ego wasn’t a courageous man
For starters, he is afraid of water
As far as steering a ship
Captain Ego really needs an encouraging tip
But do it quick before the ship takes a dip
Captain Ego seems to have a chip on his shoulder in thinking he is all that
It goes beyond fact
But what he really needs is a rude awakening being a smack
Even the crew knew what Captain Ego was about
It seemed every commotion always turned into a bout
Captain Ego would order the crew being a command, but sounded more like a demand
If Captain Ego doesn’t get his act together, he could very well be fed to the sharks
Mark my word
Now I hope you heard
Yet Captain Ego’s name being a description that doesn’t seem to match
But put Captain Chicken now that would be a catch
He certainly isn’t truth
However, Captain Ego has been that way since his youth
But the seas seem to be in charge
That means, Captain Ego isn’t large
He doesn’t have any sea legs
For calm seas, Captain Ego always begs
The sea being awake and Captain Ego stuck in a yawn
He doesn’t deserve a ship to be steering upon.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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