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Sep 2019
Brutally beastly ****
Your heart is like a burning ruby, you are a hot juicy chocolate skin tone brutally ****, beastly, mega tough exciting making *****, divinely sweet and incredibly ****, saturated with a sweet delicate, sensual shade, sexually exciting, you are synonymous with hot *** and sultry sexuality. My heart, mind and ***** burn with the fire of love and lust, looking at you, I think to myself: it’s just nowhere hotter. You are such a *** bomb that is capable of blowing up an entire universe, it says wow and wow, a mega explosion of the imagination of lust. With every second, love for you only intensifies, also your value, and my ***** feelings. You are my true attraction, which I had not previously suspected of, looking at your body and face is just a buzz for my eyes. Your beauty is the highest art of aesthetics. Your beauty as a powerful ****** for my mind, soul and heart, as if a very cool unforgettable ***, just the breath of adrenaline from love captures the spirit. You are the reason for my constant my ***** feelings and amazing state of love. Very tough very excitingly and ***** and beautiful. Aesthetic eroticism of love for you, the most tender and sweetest taste. I relish every second, spent with you every second your value increases, excitement and love increases, I relish every second. You just brutally excite me.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
Written by
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