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Sep 2019
You were my anchor to reality but you never were in reality.  So my anchor to what?
To you?
To the bottom?
To the taste of chemicals?
To crime?
You were never good for me but you acted like it was the best thing.
Yeah yeah it was great  at the time.
Except time kept moving and I wanted to be free.
You decided that not how you like me.
You threw me away to be collected with the rest of your garbage the next day.
I was like a ******* spirit.
I kept coming back.
Three times but you never let me stay.  I should've known then all you did was make me decay.
They say never give up.
I say do it sooner and more final like shattering a glass cup.
You were the toxins  in the chemical candy.
The sharp rocks at the bottom.
The jail time and fines ready.
The anchor for a ship tied to my raft made of twigs.
So long it took to detox cut the rope and swim back to the top.
I don't hate you but I will not decay with you.
Laugh as I will as you sink lower and lower.
I tried to tell you the decay will rot you  make believe solider.
Written by
Sie  22/F/Colorado
   Bogdan Dragos
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