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Sep 5
You are a roller coaster
You are way high
And make me think
There is hope
Because I can see your horizon
And then I tumble down your path
Trusting that you are better
As if this disease has a cure
Back flip into your madness
Just daring you to be better
But you aren’t
A thousand nights
I have prayed that you would
Let me off this ride
Let me catch my breath for
A solitary moment
But you keep racing
Your brown hair blowing carelessly in the wind
Whipping into your eyes
Keep you from seeing your path of destruction
the ones you keep hurting
With every reckless turn
I chase you
Picking up the pieces you leave behind
The only thing I want more
Than getting off this ride
Is to see you better
But I’m starting to see
That’s not how this works
You can’t jump the track
No matter how many chips you earn
Or “just for today” ’s you utter
You are locked in
On this steel track
And I can’t blame you
So here I am
And will be
Until you run out of gas
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