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Sep 2019
It is not right we should start walking through a field of thorns and pass the green grass of comfort when you have a golden heart filled with grace.
Strength must come from somewhere, and living a life without pain or strife will not make one strong to confront all that we will have to go through if life was easy every day.
Poking your finger on a thorn bush will make you able to keep getting up when you want to give up and hide in the shadows of fear and doubt wishing away light you should be radiating.
Determination is in love with you and your true self should be in love with it also. Being true to truth is an honor to achieve, it means truth does not hurt, it makes you proud you can be true to
Yourself without feeling sick. Truth is the number one enemy to insecurity in which can be dismissed by learning how to love oneself without disgust.
Being solitude is certainly a positive, to find out
Who you are, what you want, and where you want to start to find your meaning of living free without complications.
Living for the moment is enchanting, it is like a release of tension that use to be locked away taking up more space, of negativity, causing confusion, and fear of uncertainty.
Knowing oneself to the fullest does not happen overnight, you search deep within the other person we nearly never know on the exterior.
The other you is your soul, your energy force of life, your inner voice, your source of knowledge
and understanding.
Once you begin to know who you are, you will never be the person you were again. You and you alone will know who you are, your strength will be tested over and over again, you are now in your own level of survival you found within yourself with that determination deep enough to find answers one can not learn out of a book.
With years of finding who you are, you have a
deep desire to give advice to many who are lost without answers, confused.
Easy to try and help, is not easy in any respect everyone seems to know all the answers without knowing themselves, and if you don’t know yourself, how can one know all the answers.
Being at peace within is really knowing yourself through and through. Excepting yourself is love the kind one is lucky to know without going deep within yourself.
Strength has many strengths that we carry everyday without our own knowledge, we take ourselves for granted without knowing anything about taking oneself for granted.
We are like a machine, doing the same things day after day like clockwork. Funny how the less important a subject can be, can be the most important subject to a person ego than anything else.. Nevertheless, each person is in charge of their own life, if we know it or not. It is us alone who make life full, happy, peaceful, contented to shine our light from within, no one else is responsible for our contentment, just us alone.. Never stop looking within and listening to your inner voice. Keep your love flowing, and your light shine..

By DerenaBree
Β© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea
Written by
Harriet Shea  80/F/Mesa Arizona
(80/F/Mesa Arizona)   
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