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Aug 29
Yo step into my world like KRS one my gun
Blows away the sun dunned your done no fun
In the dark lurk near the scariest parks
Found my heart at the bottom of an abyss
My fist cruise through the foggy mist dismiss
Wack lyricist and these lyrics will shift
Ya back disc slowly sip the cola jack crisp no lisp
Only to ya chick who's loving it shovin' it
Like the gangsta I am eat green eggs and ham
Dont give a **** suckas cookin' like a grand slam
Keep the street bases loaded imploded quoted
From the drug bible feed bullets to my rivals
Cuz its the survival of the fittest the wittiest
Colder than the coldest im celcius minus
Three million degrees make tracks tongue bleed
Once i cut on the beat nasty movin' Pistol Pete
Bury a **** with one powerful hit ahhh ****
Yosef doing damage from mics i manage
My guns beaminsh freak a bad chica who's Spanish
Let my runs of my hands handle this
See the styles to crisp chickens run from this
Heat to a roast no need to boast none come close
To skills choppin' to H a v o c next to P
Lead by the Triples P's ***** pedigrees and prodigy no apology
For the blood sprees catching wars glee
Creed of demons sealed with nature *****
Got em dreamin' down memory lane
Simplicity black Mark Twain stain brains
I could flatten a rocky terrains strains
A mustard seed moving mountains
Sitting at the fountain of youth sounding
Off with the twenty one gun salute **** your
We ***** as mobsters in black pinned strip zoot suits
King Tutankhamun
Written by
King Tutankhamun  24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth
(24/M/Hell on Earth Since Birth)   
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