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Aug 29
The trail ahead was stacked
high with thunderclouds
that never came their way .

They rode the ridge where
the flowers faded.
Where it did not matter
that they knew no names .

They built a fire
under the Milkyway
by an avenue of quiet trees .

When she laughed
the dancing flames
were trapped in her eyes
and from behind she heard
him smile.

Lost on the borders of heaven .
A quickening of the moonlight .
The limitless depth of color .
Her hot breath on his face .

After a while
she slept in his arms .

Two people who met too late .
Maybe years ago under
a thinner moon
and a wider meadow.
The flowers would not
have had to fade .

Doubt settled heavily
but , no shame .
Certainly no shame
only a false rainbow.

He wrote with a layer
of words underneath
the words that only
she would understand.

She can listen to forever
relative to the quicksand
of the Cosmos.
Born through time
into infinities energy .

A second truth to the wind .
WL Schuett
Written by
WL Schuett  M
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