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Aug 28
Am I an imposter sometimes I don't like my family I wish I was fostered no one likes me for who I am everyone thinks I'm a big copycat but you don't know who I really am I am a small kitten suffering with cuts bruises my heart tries to fight but in the end always loses you don't want to see my scarred wrists but you don't know who I really am you do not know me so you cannot accuse me you may not have been where I am just be thankful the evil comments don't come from your fam I build  myself up I let myself down what is a smile I have the frown my eyes are empty all the love and light has left me you see me as an imposter but maybe I'm just dark and Lost if you hate me then just **** her end it all with a simple twist life long suffering could end BUT YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM.
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