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Aug 2019
We are minding our own eyes
We are minutes from
Disappearing into the night
I am a poem
Presumptuous at best
I freelance and edit
But it's still not my best
I am captivated by your capricious humor
And your deprecating laughter
Has me in stitches
It's riotous when your raucous cheer
Brings me to my knees
In silent waves of fear

I fear falling in love with you
Like a comet hitting the earth
Creating quite a commotion
And combusting all our promises
Yet you keep coming back to me
And I keep humming my symphony
These fires yield fruit
And Saturn’s rings bloom
Into a million diamonds
How come you never show me
The places where you hide
Your secrets anymore
There was a time when we once traveled
To the spaces in our minds
Now I mostly wonder
Who the hell is speaking
Such beautiful nonsense
From your mouth
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
     BR Dragos and ---
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