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Aug 2019
As I stare at Sun from the beach wall.....the whole world it seems so small
The water is calm hardly a ripple.....I think in my mind that all of my problems they seem toΒ Β triple
All my memories are deep in side where they will never leave
To get her back in my arms I must never give up and always believe
All these people say just to give up and I must leave
What they don't understand this is true love....I know deep inside she feels the same... but in her head she thinks IΒ Β am playing a game
Without saying a word I will wait a lifetime if I must.....and now I will convince her that in me she can trust
As time goes by....and with my mind I must try
I know if all does not work out forever I will not cry.
#keep believing
Written by
T  M
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