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Nov 2013
Lately I've been all alone
finding myself on my own
my headphones blaring Eminem and Evanescence
All that gloom in my room brings an essence
of sorrow to their eyes and the darker side
of my heart spreads with no place to hide
blackened by the truth of life
bloodied by the blade of my knife
truthful lyrics sting behind my eyes
as rhymes and beats shout lies
poetry dances around my head
some wishing that my heart was dead
but I cannot give in, the urge is too great
I cannot help but feel that this is now my fate.
Resigned to a world of bleak endeavors
passionless protests of never say nevers.
I promise to you, I won't be far.
Just look to the night sky, to the nearest star.
Quiltel The NightFury
   Weeping willow
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