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Aug 2019
I’m sick of saying sorry
That word is dead to me.

Filled with half hearted regret and animosity I wish it out of existence everyday

Saying sorry for loving
Saying sorry having a opinion

Apologizing when there is no place for such words is bowing down to those that make you feel so uncomfortable you apologize for simply taking a breath

Saying sorry for needing the help that was offered to you because it’s not convenient right now means that offer was empty from the start

Sorry means I excuse myself from this conversation because I disagree and I know you’ll get angry if I say another word

If I said sorry to ever person I ever disagreed with I wouldn’t be here

Words without action are meaningless and sorry is dead to me
It died long ago

Stop giving other people your power
Written by
Bea  Today
   Bogdan Dragos
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