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Jul 28
Sometimes my silence speaks louder than my screams
And I don't always know what that means
Listening for someone to balance my chaos
Assuming someone else is supposed to be my peace.

When did forests glow such green
As the sun may glimmer such bright beams
And the sky may shower many delicate streams
Things are beginning to look like a dedicated dream.

Often lost and filled up on alone
Why aren't I good on my own
Where is my wonderland that I could roam
I just want a place to call my home.

a                a
a                a

Way to contemplate life's meaning
Constantly comparing till we all agree on the singing
But some will always tune and tone different ringing
Yet there're strings that keep us attached, grant us our eyes 4 seeing.

Question the poet by the poem's intent
Or form your own story with the imagination pent,
It won't take long to build a fortress with descent
But be wary of what messages you've bent.

Pillage a tower and mangle its stories
Set a fire for disaster or to create some kind of glory
May a field bloom so brightly and it's life vitally strong
Because a life that goes on awhile is a life full of stories just as long.

The                       The
fin             .EnddnE.              fin
The                       The
Written by
UA  19/M
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