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Mar 2013
She stood there…eyes covered with hope and buried with sheer zest of a normal teenage girl
She stood there… as I tried to swiftly move my hands across my face and rub my eyes
She stood there… left me astonished; I tried to adapt to her figure, but her beauty defeated my tries
She stood there… with eyes of blue and the red hair so smooth I can see the rays of light reflecting into a spectrum of fervor reflecting her inner sweet
She stood there… as I glanced once and smile twice
She stood there… an image so soft of all the goodness in the world and everything nice
She stood there… she stood there and I cried like a lost deluded son of man
She stood there… facing my not so mature mortality
She stood there and smiled
She stood there in the corner of the room and waved without her waving, greeted without a gesture or sound
She stood there and I knew… my love becomes of today, a limitless entity a feeling with no bound
She stood there and I wish she was closer to my breathless heart and the dragons disguised as butterflies in my chest
She stood there and the night went on as I forgot the rest
She left…
She left…
She left leaving me no clue, no trace, and I believe we will meet
We will meet in another world when love wouldn't be so discreet
And I will stand there, holding roses of my words and bouquets of my soul to carry on the burden of my heart
I will stand there, dreaming of the day I stand there, dreaming of the day I got a new start
I will stand there, covered by desperate cries of regret and motivation to move mountains and tame beasts and fight dragons for this is where I want to stand
I will stand there with a simple note written on my hand
A note that says: you waited for me and I failed to agree to your expectations
Now I stand here awaiting your answer with a certain sense of being and a moral complication
For I may not know you, and you sure are not familiar with my cognitive creation
But I stand here for you; for once you stood there for me
I hope…
I truly hope…
Written by
MAJD S  Lebanon
   Amara and Pure LOVE
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