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Jul 17
floating around in white noise
as the rest of the world has color
barraged by their beams of light
i cry in agony and delight
for i see the unknown
but can only speak
what the rest are shown

walk up to the edge and ponder
how waking up makes us wander
while sleeping quells the curiosity
of an apocalyptic mind
that's razing blazing fire

feel the powder burn
as the shockwave shakes
your bones,
I am in control of vanity
but fall through the fabrics

linen velvet suede and satin
line my soul, lowering itself
into eternity

evil and darkness have my
mind body and spirit sur-
they pull me apart into thirds
only to fight me with gasoline
spigots lit by a lone cigarette

Written by
Marla  20/MTF/getting stronger
(20/MTF/getting stronger)   
     The Suspicious Oracle and ---
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