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Aug 2019
(read till the end)

Can you feel the pain
Of the power that stands in drain?

Flooded with the heart's desire
You can't contain that fire

Power that drives you insane
Treated with all that violence

A dagger in the soul
That scar's you forever and more

Statues are not what you symbolize in sand and clay
But this is what you describe today

In front of the mirror you make stand
With power so grand

With a dark touch to the silvery hue
The image doesn't reflect you

And the first question asked : Why so?
Cause no mirror reflects a shadow

Its just the eyes that differentiate the shades
But there will be no image

Slaved by the un-bated fire
Look at the monster you made

So grave and so faint
That there is no image

Dried tears of coal
Power so unchecked and unquestioned
Printed so in your soul
But the mirror has no reflection

Scared by the truth unchained?
It is what you have to witness

Dreams in your eyes
With the skies devine

More ruthless than the under links
That is what power in hand means

"I should have the greatest image of all
Great, beautiful and tall"

Reflect the glory and power that you drained
But there is no reflection

Thinking all these among the shadowed trees
Swayed by the gentle breeze

"What in mind?"
Asked the child so innocent and blind

'Will the child think of me so low?
If I tell him I am a shadow'

So instead I put on a charming smile
That hides all the crimes

"Come closer my child
Let me hold you for a while"

'After all I was knocking the doors of insanity
While my death flirted with me'
I has a dark meaning.Its about a powerful man who thinks he has everything but has nothing.Here the mirror is the world and his image (reflection) is what people think of him.
Written by
Atika Zahin  15/F/Durgapur,West Bengal
(15/F/Durgapur,West Bengal)   
   BR Dragos
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