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Mar 2013
Today the air is enlightened -
Rich in velvet echoes,
Urging me to embrace the outside.
Where colours play loud
And I was plain white.

... the sun looked frightened.

I breathed the life around
Felt the happiness, but not mine -
A dense silence folowed me behind,
I heard voices - "It's time to hide"
One gaze and they became white.

I looked ahead and hills have awakened.
Timeless monsters shove the sun away,
The life around was dreadfully shaken
My skin is evaporating - my feet sway;

I looked down and my legs were white smoke -
My hair is dancing all over the sky,
Breathing isn't necessary here - invoke
The soul I once had and make it stay

Between imaterial ashes and words said
Decades ago, in a basement of white roses -
Metalic touches, the unworthy innocentΒ Β 
Will lie in dreams of the chosen
Drowning in my opaque eyes.

Nothingness looks surreal and bright
From here -
Slowly I will fade to white
*"And all the sudden, I can feel..."
Georgiana S
Written by
Georgiana S  Romania
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