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Mar 2013
I want to rest on the clouds,
In the sky above the Avenue.
I want to sit on the horizon,
Watch the river flow in the distance,
Taking the form of a thought,
And carrying me into the day,
Bringing me light from the Sun above,
And comfort from the Moon below.
I want to travel through the trees,
Observe the night like an owl,
Spread my wings into the breeze.
I want to put myself onto paper,
And become a fabrication.
A creation of the thoughts of others.
I want to be a picture,
Erase my lines, color me in darker.
I want to rest on the clouds,
Watch the world from high above,
See the pattern of human life,
Realize that we are just a piece,
Part of the puzzle known as Earth.
I want to sit on the ocean floor,
Take in the sight of the colors,
Colors so much like my own,
Moving in a system of harmony,
Only broken by the intruders of above.
I want to float into space,
And watch the Emptiness,
The darkness reflecting in my eyes,
Worlds of others clashing into one.
Reality of expectation,
Stretching far beyond imagination.
I want to rest on the clouds,
And observe worlds far beyond my mind,
The organized chaos that we call Life.
Seth Bennett
Written by
Seth Bennett  Ohio
   bex, Elaina, --- and Marian
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