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Jun 2019
I’m awake, I woke to this
Been thinking ‘bout conversations I miss
Gone like the people I had ‘em with
Guess having people in life was a myth

I’m now losing sleep
But I don’t want to weep
Though how can I go to bed
With all this ******* inside my head?

I wish I could go back to when
The time happiness could’ve been
If only back then I had not rejected
The only woman I should’ve accepted

Can’t stop thinking for even a second
How they vanish like they never happened
My brain wants to stop, thoughts keep coming
Bending my mind like crafting origami

I want to have those moments back
Moments that I wish repeated
It’s like I blinked and my world went black
And everything became depleted

Now I’m back to waiting
Got me working on my patience
Something I’ll admit is irritating
Only to become another acquaintance

I miss them all, all the folk
That either lost contact or ran free
Every ignition that went up in smoke
I suppose there’s more fish in the sea

Oh gosh I’m reminiscing
**** I should be dismissing
The repetition that’s overflown
I guess I’m back on my own
Introducing… Origami!
Thought upon over the last few weeks and entirely constructed overnight, Origami came to mind after pondering and remembering life while growing up some 10-15 years ago. The poem itself is about myself and the inability I seem to have to keep people with whom I develop bonds with and also wanting to return back to good moments in my life where I felt like the world wasn't such a tight fit like it seems to feel like currently. It's funny that I find it difficult to describe the message behind the poem in words now, yet the words in the poem itself seemed to flow without too much thought at all.
Through my teen years and throughout my adulthood so far, I've noticed that people come into my life and disperse as if I'm only dreaming the life I'm living, so that's most definitely present within the poem.
I chose the word Origami to be the poem's title because my life is very much like the art form with so many sharp turns and corners to deal with in such a short timeframe.
I believe that the wordings within the poem will be relatable to a lot people read and understand the messages behind them.
Thank you for taking the time to read this poem of mine, I really hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Your kind words and support gives me inspiration and helps me in the long run when writing more of my poetry.
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Written by
AsJay  25/M/New Zealand
(25/M/New Zealand)   
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