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Jun 2019
Unstable rabble
ill in mind, body and soul
unfulfilled and desperately unhappy
fearful always, insecure, lacking and inadequate
skeletons in cupboards, shaming secrets hidden aplenty
false, fake, white-washed and all semblance soulless nonentities
vacuous sad pathetic weak and academically challenged majority
ignorant belligerent bellicose cowards, drunkards n mob shysters

rise, rise. rise
jump, jump. jump
do the twist n put the boot in

stand up and bellow
you can't loose your chains
your self loathing is too great
your shame and pains hurt all the time
you are reminded of your insignificance always
your helplessness and your weaknesses shames you
you always have to fake it, scrape, beg, borrow and steal
the aggrieved spectators as talents, wealth and the ritzy drive past

rise, rise, rise
jump, jump, jump
do the locomotion and spread the ****

scream and shout
hurl slander and lies
fight like cowards and bully
get badass and wicked and mean
get ****** angry and get ****** even
leave your bacon butties and fry the greedy pigs
forget your chips and come chip the brains of the tyrants hogs
put down those pints and lets keep this momentum of hate alive so

rise, rise, rise
jump, jump, jump
do the stoning and lets move like Jagger
SATIRE: For the many, not the few, If you dare LAUGH at any single word or prose in the inspirational poem you are a Class-traitor and you would be reported to the Stasi Apparatchiks who will make your life a living hell and you will wish you are dead, it goes without saying that you will also never **** again in your life for the Stasis will make sure that you will never have a partner ever again. You have been warned, this is a serious matter and solidarity is our salvation. Now, go do your duty and find a rich person to burgle, taunt, torment, harass and hate with all your cowardly energy, you loonies, pinkos, sados, weirdos, stinkos commies. Remember, a single smile from you and its hell for you all, go ask that Purple rain **** about it.
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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