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Jun 2019
You look at her and you think,
Man she's pretty
But you don't know the half of it
And I doubt you looked closely
I doubt you noticed the green and grey flecks in her blue eyes
And I doubt you noticed the way the left corner of her mouth goes down while the right side flips up when she is half way between smile and a smirk
Did you notice the tiny smile lines by her eyes when she laughs?
What about how soft her cheeks are?
And I'm sure you never got to feel how soft her lips are
Did you spot the freckle on the right ridge of her ear?
I doubt you listened closely enough to her laugh
I doubt you were lucky enough to hear
Because if you were, you'd be laughing too

All of these bits and more add up to create her
And I'm lucky enough to get to see and feel and experience those bits
Her world is one I could stay inside forever
Because I know I would never get bored
And I would always find something new
To love.
A Steven Universe reference, would ya look at that!
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