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May 2019
he says he loved her, but only as a friend;
she says she would still love him regardless, until the end.

she says she loved him way too much;
he says he loved her too, but not as much.

he says he tried to return the love she gave;
she says she was a martyr for love, and a slave.

she says she would never tire out;
he says he did not mean to just fool about.

she says he tricked her into giving all her love away;
he says she did it all on her own, that he didn't even have anything to say.

he says she suddenly vanished into thin air;
she says he became someone she could no longer bear.

she says he–the he she first met–had left her;
he says she–the she he knew best–turned out to be just like his mother.

she says she tried to stay with him;
he says she broke her promise–“through thick and thin.”

she says she still loves him, despite what happened three years ago;
he says he is not the same person she loved from long ago.
Written by
aya  21/ph
     Imran Islam, Bogdan Dragos and Fawn
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