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Apr 29
Many desire that man so bad
just that man with the rakish air
calm as a cucumber, strong as iron
so smart and cool and you know what
he's also got the tool and a swagger that's hot
but alas none is brave or smart enough to go his way
been told not to and they are wimps and in control and tied
dare not go against their masters, they all live in fear of disapproval
no mind of their own, no independent will or thoughts or courage
rather do with the saps and fools that come their ways cause its same
drudgery small minded men with little prospect and mundane ways
that's the ones in the open pools for them for excellence scares them
Show me that brave rebellious one
the strong heady type that has a mind
why should you tell me good is bad and banned
when I can see the truth right before my eyes and its good
No, you can't stop me if its him I want, I know you are envious
that's your business not mine, and I don't give a **** about you
Now such a women is that I'll respect and take because she's no fool
I'll build her a castle with a sea view and give her all she ever wants
who wants a fool lead and blinded like a *****, dancing to craziness
what is an asinine lass who sees gold and say no, that is counterfeit so
I must only see what they want me to see and play games with idiots
So if you own your mind and don't lay with dogs come and see me
and lets show them what winners and power coupling is all about
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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