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Apr 15
Your eyes remind me of the sunrise
Your lips remind me of how much
I long to touch you
Your hips remind me of a garden
Your fingers teach me about the earth
Pianos sing melodies of water
Hours pass before the earth changes color
We are watered down versions of our ancestors
Messengers speak in fleeting gestures
We harbor gypsies and poets in our ports
To keep them safe we erase their memories
Cancerous conglomerates
Long defy their promises

Blossoms of sound
In the garden of drowning women
Symbols surround our shadows
We make art out of plastic water bottles
Jugs of drinking water
Found along the shore
I swore to keep my promises
If we were alone iā€™d hold you to my soul
For without a shirt you look like a goddess
I am compromising with my heart
I wish to take you into my arms
And hold you against the wind
Windmills fill our sky-lines
You speak of your hurt and your pain
I write about my vision and my soul
Confused and aroused by women in gowns
I am surrounded by my shadow
Lands of adulation
Flocks of gesticulation
Floods of fornication
From where ever we came from
The return to Now
Still remains the greatest journey
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
   Perry and mc6lm
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