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Apr 14
I trust the universe
Not sure what i am doing
But i know there is a reason
We heal through connection
We are each a whole universe
Without movement
We become depressed and hollow
We forget about our soul

I am a magician
I see unseen universes
Before they appear or happen
We are all intuitive
But often we pretend
That we cannot hear
The secrets that are whispered
Through the silence
Whenever we are together
And yet somehow still alone

To love is the medicine
To heal is to be whole
To make whole is to feel and know
To feel and know is to discern
To touch, to taste, to smell, to wander
To journey into forbidden territory
To become inspired
I am seeking your heartbeat
I want to know your dreams
Will you show me your beauty
In very ordinary things

It's a beautiful bargain
The world is full of jargon
We came from a garden
And eventually we'll return
Or perhaps perpetually
To our hearts yet again
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
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