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Apr 5
Bees fly in the periphery of my vision
Friends smoke DMT
To get higher than their prisons
Perhaps there are no solutions at all
There is nothing to solve
And language probably can’t fix it
It will all dissolve
So just relax and appreciate
The beauty that awaits you
For all the pain
There is perhaps an equal amount of virtue
Concrete forms
May take the world by storm
But they do nothing to tempt me
For once you see truth all becomes relative
And if everything is changing
Then we must learn to change too
I have a mission
It's been here since the beginning
If i finish it i will leave blissfully
All's well that is tended to
All is safe in the space of love
So come reach for my heart
All is a part of the whole Earth
And we are beyond your control
And punishment never seems to works too well
See the moon light up the night
Feel these words become a rope
And climb them
Spend time in the water
Keep your mind free from drama
Love is a head of lettuce
Waiting for you to pull it from the wet earth
Don’t curse the land that you stand on
When you don't know what you stand for
Are we furniture or appliances
Are we murdered by our silences
Confide in the smiling arrow
Break out of the cage of harrowed thoughts
You meander timelessly upon wild prairies
And dance wildly in the wind
Images precede words
Symbols are not the signified
We are absolved of our faults
And tossed into the forest alone
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
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