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Apr 2010
An idea is soon forgotten
A writing is long to pass
Short minded
Otherwise mild tempered
Danger painter
Paint my misconceptions
Responsible failure
Truth brings denial to the falsified rumor
Spoken out of character
Standing tall, But barely standing at all
Stumbling through life's greatest feats
Never to fully understand, A grasp of wisdom
A spark of influence, Shattered concern
Riches & fortune never to come easy
Easy street livin', Begging for breathing
Thumpin' the wastes of inner being
As a hard knocks life wheels and deals
Pimpin' it's struggles, Pushin' through its roughness
Fame may come, Fame may go
Just never stopped here
A shed of a single tear, May stop the world
A moment that shall never be turned back
Β©Aiden L K Riverstone
Aiden L K Riverstone
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