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Glass missions shut down
Window panes panged by enlarged stones
Thrown away Creep away

The last feeling I will ever have
The last movement I will ever take
The last time I close my eyes

The last breath will be my dying respire

The last time I hold you in my arms
The last movement in the wrong direction
The last feeling that will ever be taken

The last course of action is to be broken
The last amendment to testify
The last strike I take will be my end
The last bout will place me on a cold ****** slab
The last words I utter under my gasp of air

The last time I look onward over the land of mishap

The last words I write for all to recite
The last bout with anyone will be taken at nightfall
The last strike I set forth with, I will go away quietly
The last amendment read at my funeral
The last course I set out upon

The last eye opener will be a tear jerker
The last recourse of time will be split into many pieces
The last steps I take will be down an avenue of misguided youth
The last judgment will be passed, declaring my insanity
The last pardon from anyone given to my every whim

The last given right will strike me in a peculiar way

The last pardon from any courtship round table
The last judgment will over rule my pride and prejudice
The last steps I take will be my first steps rerouted
The last recourse spread upon the land that holds me dear
The last eye opener will be shutting the light onto this empty life

The last time I throw stones at glass palaces to see if it will shatter
The last shattering moment was my first mistake unlearnt from
The last time I go off the deep end without a life jacket

Never tread the waters alone
Understand you are never alone
Trust those who fill your heart
Believe in you came into this alone, no reason to go out on your own
©Aiden L K Riverstone2010
I was blinded by the light, now I go on unseeing the future...letting go of the past...minding the present! Head held never to high unloving the lows. Stuck right in the middle of unfocused brain at last breathe...Does it ever get any easier, or does it just remain stuck in the rough like diamonds? Unknown realities slip through the cracks of the unwise. Dusky winds of time grabbing a hold of me.  Challenge what was once in front of you, now it is long gone and far out of arms length. Grasp onto to what you've lost only to lose it once more. Put a hold on the unimportant issues, rummage through the importance of everyday life. Remain in the ever changing light-force we call Earth toned times. Collide head first into nothing, plummet the summit, and ride the lightning on the burning magic carpet entitled for its treacherous ways of life. Open up your closed mind and settle the big score, lock away the past, Step within the future's light...only to learn of who we really are, where we will be, how will we ever get there? Judge me not for my senses have seen unsettling ways. Close your eyes for one last glance of what beauty is defined as. Undefining the possibilities, of challenging blows to the head. Unconscious paralysis measuring the measurements of sand in this cracked hour glass. Pour it away only to capture the moments of memoirs writs.
©Aiden L K Riverstone2010
On this day we will set forth

The glory
The pleasure
Our love celebrated

Through thick
Through thin
Our love will never turn sour nor scorned

Through health
Through sickness
Our  hearts will grow fonder

I promise to make you happy
When you are blue

I promise to hold you dear
When you are hurt

I promise to be dear to your kindred heart

Making sure to fill our lives with magical moments
Taking the bad
Taking the good
Through our miraculous journey

That this day has set forth for us
Though it may be overbearing
To get through

Remember our love still grows strong
Daily Weekly Monthly
On this day we shall set forth
©Aiden L K Riverstone
I am not particularly good with words

Sure I write them
Recite them
Treasure them

Display them for all to see
Hide them within lines of steno pads
Describe them with colorful phrases

Empathize with the power of each of them
Sympathize the relative terms as they form

Sentences dancing around the ideas of them

When they stand alone they mean something
Not all though just a few stand alone in meaning
Some terms of endearment others in disgruntled behavior

Sure I may be able to twist them
Play with them
Portray them

Written word upon yellow sheets lined with hidden truths
Seek within them
Find them
Use them

Take them as your own
Live them
Feel them

Show them the meaning
As you produce them into written form
Perhaps in poetry or in novels

Speak them
Deliver speeches with them
Never misuse misspell misguide them
Foolishly divide them

So mark my word, I know not how to use them
Just spill them
Paint with them

Love them as my own lexicon of expression
Most importantly be true to them
Tie a gold ribbon around them
Inspire them
Teach them

Most importantly let them be used properly
A proper use of them goes a long way
Translate them into powerful vocalizations
So I know not how to use them!
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Tomorrow      We will take death
Before we must      Sacralize

We shall feast      Last Sacrament
Liquors, Harvests    Plump guts, Drunk voices

Divine Ghosts      Eat,Drink,Be Merry
For Tomorrow      We shall die
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Tomorrow we'll die
Before we must
Let us have cake
Eat at the tables
Of the Last Divine Feast
Offerings of Body and Blood
Lift them up to the High Heavens
Merrymen of Iron Clad Societies
Drink their timely poisons
Sing their merriments upon deities
Be merry my young folk
Eat, Drink until your stomachs are plump
For Tomorrow We Die
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Coming In        Through Dark Portals
Surfacing Mind        Testifying

Death of Mine        Explainable
Venomous Gland        Strikened with Clout

Although Cold        Breath of Life Still Warm
Risen Again        *Before Long
©Aiden L K Riverstone
*forming a short story from a string of poems*
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