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Jul 2010 · 1.2k
A Finishing Blow
Glass missions shut down
Window panes panged by enlarged stones
Thrown away Creep away

The last feeling I will ever have
The last movement I will ever take
The last time I close my eyes

The last breath will be my dying respire

The last time I hold you in my arms
The last movement in the wrong direction
The last feeling that will ever be taken

The last course of action is to be broken
The last amendment to testify
The last strike I take will be my end
The last bout will place me on a cold ****** slab
The last words I utter under my gasp of air

The last time I look onward over the land of mishap

The last words I write for all to recite
The last bout with anyone will be taken at nightfall
The last strike I set forth with, I will go away quietly
The last amendment read at my funeral
The last course I set out upon

The last eye opener will be a tear jerker
The last recourse of time will be split into many pieces
The last steps I take will be down an avenue of misguided youth
The last judgment will be passed, declaring my insanity
The last pardon from anyone given to my every whim

The last given right will strike me in a peculiar way

The last pardon from any courtship round table
The last judgment will over rule my pride and prejudice
The last steps I take will be my first steps rerouted
The last recourse spread upon the land that holds me dear
The last eye opener will be shutting the light onto this empty life

The last time I throw stones at glass palaces to see if it will shatter
The last shattering moment was my first mistake unlearnt from
The last time I go off the deep end without a life jacket

Never tread the waters alone
Understand you are never alone
Trust those who fill your heart
Believe in you came into this alone, no reason to go out on your own
©Aiden L K Riverstone2010
Jul 2010 · 802
I was blinded by the light, now I go on unseeing the future...letting go of the past...minding the present! Head held never to high unloving the lows. Stuck right in the middle of unfocused brain at last breathe...Does it ever get any easier, or does it just remain stuck in the rough like diamonds? Unknown realities slip through the cracks of the unwise. Dusky winds of time grabbing a hold of me.  Challenge what was once in front of you, now it is long gone and far out of arms length. Grasp onto to what you've lost only to lose it once more. Put a hold on the unimportant issues, rummage through the importance of everyday life. Remain in the ever changing light-force we call Earth toned times. Collide head first into nothing, plummet the summit, and ride the lightning on the burning magic carpet entitled for its treacherous ways of life. Open up your closed mind and settle the big score, lock away the past, Step within the future's light...only to learn of who we really are, where we will be, how will we ever get there? Judge me not for my senses have seen unsettling ways. Close your eyes for one last glance of what beauty is defined as. Undefining the possibilities, of challenging blows to the head. Unconscious paralysis measuring the measurements of sand in this cracked hour glass. Pour it away only to capture the moments of memoirs writs.
©Aiden L K Riverstone2010
Jun 2010 · 866
On this day we will set forth

The glory
The pleasure
Our love celebrated

Through thick
Through thin
Our love will never turn sour nor scorned

Through health
Through sickness
Our  hearts will grow fonder

I promise to make you happy
When you are blue

I promise to hold you dear
When you are hurt

I promise to be dear to your kindred heart

Making sure to fill our lives with magical moments
Taking the bad
Taking the good
Through our miraculous journey

That this day has set forth for us
Though it may be overbearing
To get through

Remember our love still grows strong
Daily Weekly Monthly
On this day we shall set forth
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Jun 2010 · 875
I am not particularly good with words

Sure I write them
Recite them
Treasure them

Display them for all to see
Hide them within lines of steno pads
Describe them with colorful phrases

Empathize with the power of each of them
Sympathize the relative terms as they form

Sentences dancing around the ideas of them

When they stand alone they mean something
Not all though just a few stand alone in meaning
Some terms of endearment others in disgruntled behavior

Sure I may be able to twist them
Play with them
Portray them

Written word upon yellow sheets lined with hidden truths
Seek within them
Find them
Use them

Take them as your own
Live them
Feel them

Show them the meaning
As you produce them into written form
Perhaps in poetry or in novels

Speak them
Deliver speeches with them
Never misuse misspell misguide them
Foolishly divide them

So mark my word, I know not how to use them
Just spill them
Paint with them

Love them as my own lexicon of expression
Most importantly be true to them
Tie a gold ribbon around them
Inspire them
Teach them

Most importantly let them be used properly
A proper use of them goes a long way
Translate them into powerful vocalizations
So I know not how to use them!
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Jun 2010 · 908
Holy Sijo
Tomorrow      We will take death
Before we must      Sacralize

We shall feast      Last Sacrament
Liquors, Harvests    Plump guts, Drunk voices

Divine Ghosts      Eat,Drink,Be Merry
For Tomorrow      We shall die
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Jun 2010 · 772
Tomorrow we'll die
Before we must
Let us have cake
Eat at the tables
Of the Last Divine Feast
Offerings of Body and Blood
Lift them up to the High Heavens
Merrymen of Iron Clad Societies
Drink their timely poisons
Sing their merriments upon deities
Be merry my young folk
Eat, Drink until your stomachs are plump
For Tomorrow We Die
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Jun 2010 · 967
Soon to Rise(Sijo)#
Coming In        Through Dark Portals
Surfacing Mind        Testifying

Death of Mine        Explainable
Venomous Gland        Strikened with Clout

Although Cold        Breath of Life Still Warm
Risen Again        *Before Long
©Aiden L K Riverstone
*forming a short story from a string of poems*
May 2010 · 849
Dragging my soul through the mud
Alienating the spirit out in the cold

No steps taken, Not even to think of it

Countless attempts have been taken
Mind foregoing experimental drugs
A weeks worth of ******
Slapping myself in the face, regretlessly

No control taken, Losing sight of reality
Realms coming unreal

Relentless faulty wire crossing the line
Unattaching all emotion
Unlatching all sympathy

Disarming defenses
Throwing the towel in on the offense
Letting down all guard

Forgetting all abilities
Giving into senility
Darkness draping over me
Out of touch, Out of reach

Returning to sender
Zone unheard of
Addressing the unknown

Nailing shut the coffin
Six foot under tow
usting* In Pieces
Dormant Grave
©Aiden L K Riverstone
May 2010 · 844
©aIDen l k riverSTONE
May 2010 · 695
Yet I Remain
Deep within my soul lies a powerful being

Shall I unleash him into the wild

Allow him to run a mockery

I think not, I shouted across the land

I think not, I yelled unto the wild winds

Therefore I am only man

Who listens with broken ear

My bewildered heart shall be tamed

By the lioness who holds me dear

Gripping me tight, never letting go

Yet I remain calm

With mortality at rest
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Deep within Sleep
Gleam in the beautiful Dream
Attract the mindful Abstract

Pleasantries of meadow breezes praising my soft warm skin, Rows of wild green stemmed roses sway silently to zephyr's sonata, colorful floras bless the land with vibrant violets, blues, reds such desirable scenery to take in upon the moonlit Earth, Distant sounds of soft howls barking at the pale blue moon

Dreaming free__________warmly touched breeze
Vibrant roses__________colorful scene

Moonbeams mend__________Earth's dreamt surface
Blessed soft howls__________restful meadow

Pleasantry__________pristine dreams flourish
Violets, blues, reds__________Zephyr's song

As I open my pale blue eyes the land I possess inside dreamscapes, divinely flourishes with deep beauty, The happy sun makes its presence known by sharing its gifts of growth and warmth with the Earth's den, while nature dances with glee at full blooming process, The birds sing their illustrious praiseful songs unto the newborn life that Mother Nature produced for all to share

Endearing sun
Growing beautiful flowers
Rebirthing nature's bounty
©Aiden L K Riverstone
May 2010 · 948
The evening bright lights
Scattered upon the floor

Showing us the way
Bringing our minds to and fro
Listen as the words are said

Tricking our guitars
In playing sweet harmonies

Dedicated fans
American band playing
Performing greatest hit list

Swaying to good songs
Dancing on backlit stages
Screaming fans adoring chants

Lively sounds of drums
Bass player musically keyed

Melodic singer
Entertains us with his vocals
Crowd pleaser particapates

Good night, Las Vegas
Enjoy the great crescendos
©Aiden L K Riverstone
May 2010 · 2.2k
Back stabbing ******
The lines have been crossed
Remove the knife

Delegated waters
Empty hearted man
Passing mucky tides

Shutting me out
Resenting me, Friend
Closing the airwaves

Driving away mad
Behind I stand
Left to wonder why

What had happened
Losing the contact
©Aiden L K Riverstone
May 2010 · 2.5k
Year 2012
In a few years to come
A calendar is soon to end
The light of day will be suffocated by darkness
Haltering all brand new life
Bringing the Mother Ship to falter at the knees
A destined turmoil caused by catastrophic times
The hands of twisted fate are drawing near
World destruction nearing our footsteps
Along shadowy pathways of smoldering smoke
Billowing inward on plains of existence
Trampling atmospherical empires
Closing out realms of perseverance
Kharma may be ravishing in her ***** like ways
Childs Play in comparison to the putrid behavior of Mother Nature
Her promises of vengeful wrath
Unbearable to withstand her deceitful ways
Typhoons aiming to destroy harbouring lands
Earthquakes swallowing Kingdoms
Her ill fated disease blanketing valleys of bowling greens
The nightmare will embark upon us all
**In the year 2012
©Aiden L K Riverstone
May 2010 · 634
Theory of Moments
Blood Soaked Dreams
Rivals over my nightmares
Truth revenges over the falsifying fact
As rumors fly through my mind
Overtures of enriched fables
Embark on minds’ eye
As it wanders off into depths
Of the journeys awaiting
Peddling right past the path
Interstate mind flare, as it all gets twisted for U-turns
Questioning the mind-erased populous
As one would say… Where to go; Who to be
One’s enjoyment of rightful thought
As freedom expresses its pureness
Theory of moments
Fore the next second could change it all
The belief in the strength of becoming
Only gives the mind its purities
Focusing on the indulgence of knowing
That all will remain okay
Knowing the courageous path to take
A path which enriches the soul
The opening of my beautiful wings
To show all that it’s a brand new day
A lustrous event is about to begin
The striding momentum
Has strengthened its bouts
The meaning of reality
Its blissful harmony
With its surroundings
As life’s doors opened up
To shed a brand new light
A journey opens up
To play in favor
To Truth of Being!!!
©Aiden L K Riverstone
May 2010 · 1.6k
What you live in is a twisted universe, an empty madness a spark of youth disappearing from inner being

Your age catching up, your mind closing off to any ideals

No substance within your mind, so reality check is pointless for you

The mirror which you look upon is cracked and filled with shrapnel

Busted stare never seeing what is in front of you, never knowing what is behind you

Here’s hoping you catch it before it is too late to even wake up to

Girl you’re heading down a path of darkness with no light to shed upon pathways of retribution

You ought to turn around and run the other way, for it is a lonely ending

Street car full of sadness, jagged edged knife slicing vertically upon veins

Until you wake up from this nightmare inside you, you will never know what the world possesses for you

Come to your senses, bring your wits to pasture and open up your eyes

Here you stand atop of 10 story high rise with no balance to catch yourself before you plummet to your shadowy death

Loneliness is leading you to your worst story ever; your self-worth leaves no banknotes at open safe deposit boxes

Go along; go far from this world which you have painted in grey scaled matter

Turn your life light on before it is too late, before you have nothing left to call your own
©Aiden L K Riverstone
May 2010 · 754
Take a step out onto the world, embark the journey that stands before you, ready for you to take at any given moment, never falter always believe you can make it, Along the way you will meet several new fascinating people filled with their own devices of wisdom, A knowledgeable base of intellectual conservative wonders of humankind.

Remember the treasures you’ve bestowed along the way, never forget where you came from. Counting your blessings make sure to count heartfelt moments. Granting gratitude for all the wonderful moments you’ve come from. Look to the risen sun for your bountiful direction, the journey will be long and windy however you are strong. Never forget to feed on the land at dusk, and pray at dawn for the new days mysteries.

What a journey it will be, with saddle bags filled with loving gifts to share. Celestial moments will come to only pass, leaving beautiful impressions upon your mind to ponder. Stories of momentous times will brew through the folks you come to meet in passing. A choir of singing angels will fill your ears with everlasting joy. With each of your toes thumping upon blessed land, feel glory within the pit of your stomach. It will be a cherished time, with each new day to come you remember where you came from.
©Aiden L K Riverstone
May 2010 · 1.2k
Renga 6#
Defrag my System
System error four oh four

Sneaky big brother
coded response - their watching
labels illegal intent

Oh computer
How the virus will take hold

Sitting lethargic
Lacking fresh air and water
Watching colours glow - lost thought

Spaced out, buzzing
Mind becoming digitized*

No sleeping, I click
Electrical whir-static
Of a drug not classified
©Aiden L K Riverstone___Renga collaborated by
David Thomas...Christopher Terry Everson...
May 2010 · 760
Renga 3#
Two ton hammer struck
Fracturing my cranium* [alkr]

Releasing my dreams
Never tasted brains before
Unknowingly, Briny Blooded* [dm]

Floating looking down
Misshapen I gaze back up

Not a dreaded sound to be heard
Not even a feared sight

Swirling colours feast
joining - transcending yellow

Eyes wide shut, closing
Standing still while the world moves
Safely around the mountain

Sided coin flip, Fate
Judgment Day will serve with haste
©Aiden L K Riverstone//Renga collaborated by Del Maximo, David Thomas__________________
May 2010 · 1.4k
Apollo's Song
The evening bright lights
Scattered upon the floor

Sweeten the warm night
Dancing happily about
The ponds delight reflected

Through our starry eyes
I caress your soft red lips

Fragrant with peony
Sweet kissing breeze adoring
A star lit rustling beauty

Illustrious song
Apollo Serenata
©Aiden L K Riverstone---Renga collaborated by David Thomas______________
May 2010 · 598
Live the Challenge#
My mind is open to the new
Your mind is open?
Why the new?
Building the new you
Lay down the law
Set the groundwork

Build the foundation
Work through the stress
Challenge yourself

Trust comes from within
Clear train of thought

Gather the power
Believe yourself
Understand you

*Regulate the power
Carry no pain
Live free, Be YOU!
©Aiden L K Riverstone
First Quinzaine-Experimental 5,4,4 (5 stanzas)
Quite frankly I don't give a ****
If you give a **** about me
What I've got to say, you're going to listen
For it is my time to show my backbone
Each and every time you sharpen your blades
Across my emotions my feelings
Torture my inner soul
This is for all those times, you selfish *****
So tired of the bruises you've caused
The pain you've given me
The grief you've thrown in my face
The ******' agony of it all
So ******' tired of running after our friendship
The wasted time I've spent listening to your empty promises
In or Out choose one or the other
No more having your cake and eating it
If you’re in, I need you to want to be my friend
If you’re out, stay the **** away from me
As you have been doing all this while
Now it is time for me to walk away
To leave you the biggest decision of your ill-fated life
Remember this though
I pay no homage to the ******’ WEAK anymore!
May 2010 · 928
The Key
Listen as I shout upon the darkness
A darkness which seeps into my heart
My heart ceases to hurt more than it should
Just a mere feeling of relentless aftermath
Running through my mind which ***** the weapon of choosing
Which is fully loaded with empty thoughts biased momentum
As my life slips continuously through the fingers of time
Whilst my shadow leaves my side at the sight of temptation
During the glimpses of the decrepit future that it bares for no one
Envision the blanketed universe as it becomes trivial
Questioning its surroundings, embracing the foretold tale
Of the corpse which holds the key to my mind ****** destiny
Only through the eyes of the corpse may you get into my mind
Then you will see the nothingness I look through on countless days
Endless nights never seeing the sight of dawn as it approaches
Lurking like a wild cat, rummaging through gargles of judgment
A wistful momentum of earth-shattering damnation
A damnation which could only be thought up by the beast himself
Suddenly realizing it was all a dream as reality slips on by
Misfortunately conceptual moments unlike these could only be dreamt of
Perpetually the forsaken child lives through it everyday
An adolescent losing his way and never to find his way back home
The tragedy of this story draws neigh as he takes his own life
In front of millions to see, watch, linger about in sad driven tears
The boy will soon be forgotten as sadness dissipates into oblivion
©Aiden L  K Riverstone
May 2010 · 1.8k
Ode to Mr. Diligence
Persistent exertion of body or mind, Drew which is it the mind or the body that puts you in an upper class position way above and beyond the rest. Without a single poem for the rest to read and put to the test, rules are rules. If you aren’t going to play nice and share your shear genius how dare thee critique in such fashion of bashing and sliding your nubs that you call fingers across the keyboards of your choosing whether it be any computerized word document or written prose with empty ink well pen slid across onion sheeted papers.

Allow me to count the ways of your mind being splattered tattered all over Kingdom Come’s pearly white walls, leaving blood puddle splotches in intricate places. Only to spell out words of distraught behavioral patterns and rambunctious ditty flopping. Twisting up words, spitting out tantalizing paraphrases, spewing out last night’s junkets…without even placing your mind in another’s shoes, how dare thee call themselves a poet. Respect dies short of another ******* in the wind, farting midnight anthems of disrespectful ploys.  

Now we come to your body, hmm…what toys are there to play along with, when the heart doesn’t exist in open minded doorways leading to your defeat? Believe me when I say I will hunt you down, with homing devices ******* into place of ever living crevice of your rotting carcass left out in the sun to roast like last week’s luau piggy. Taking walnut crushers to every fingered bone in your body, this little piggy went CRUNCH! This little piggy ran into a CRUNCH! This little piggy went to market square to his surprise he also went CRUNCH!  

Now listen up you twisted little sick **** with a toothpick of an idea of getting your rocks and socks off at turning the world upside down and showing what a wonderful bugle boy you are. Bow down and beg for mercy, because you are now my ******* up storm racer as I place my 8 ton sledge hammer down on your cranium, Lightning may strike…but the force will not be reckoned with my dolled up misdirected **** of misfortune.
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 535
Into the Dark I Go
Into the dark I go, out here on my own
Though there are people saying they are near
The ability of being near is yet still too far
I’ll catch up is all anyone could ever really say
Hit or miss, emitting smoke signals from my mind
Staring into the void of the great wide yonder
Will I ever be the one they turn to for the answers?
I think not, so here I sit upon wide mouthed dock
Skipping stones, admitting that I was wrong
All along the time has submitted its ugly truth
Baring its gifts of misfortunate misconceptions
A ball busting empathy of sympathy, a fist full of rage
An uplifted spirit as a spark of genius enters through the shadows
Go on you will be fine with just a bit of fate, timing is all you need
Land with the punches, deliver the messages…entertain your youthfulness
Be young my friend, age is only catching up…think twice before you sign at the dotted line of any lawful contract
Do you really want to turn your soul over to the one who can give you all the eye can see, without taking single leaps of fate?
Stand up; get up, fight for your right to be all you want to be
Standing as tall as any high rise building in any city you can be
Catch the sun in tightly weaved baskets; Go ahead bask in the glory of a newborn child as it is delivered into the world
Taking in of all that is around you, only to release a powerful message onto ears who once did not listen, catching their attention pulling them near as they yearn to hear more of the wisdom you convey
Leaving the darkness to enter light of day, persevering through inspirational notions…Believing anything is possible, putting your effort and mind to the test.
©Aiden L K Riverstone
An idea is soon forgotten
A writing is long to pass
Short minded
Otherwise mild tempered
Danger painter
Paint my misconceptions
Responsible failure
Truth brings denial to the falsified rumor
Spoken out of character
Standing tall, But barely standing at all
Stumbling through life's greatest feats
Never to fully understand, A grasp of wisdom
A spark of influence, Shattered concern
Riches & fortune never to come easy
Easy street livin', Begging for breathing
Thumpin' the wastes of inner being
As a hard knocks life wheels and deals
Pimpin' it's struggles, Pushin' through its roughness
Fame may come, Fame may go
Just never stopped here
A shed of a single tear, May stop the world
A moment that shall never be turned back
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 685
The Fallen
Stick stuck in the ground
Caught deep in your bunker
Where people parade by you
Like some Macy Day hooligans
Children climbing your limbs
Soaring high above are birds of radiant colors
From your head of foliage
Ladies tie a yellow ribbon
In support of their troops
No worries Babe's dear friend
Has long passed us by
His infamous axe is hanging above
The golden mantle, so many
Can look upon it in audacious stares
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 1.3k
An Earthquake Passes
An earthquake passes
Beneath my toes
An unsettling notion
Is left in my heart
As thoughts of concern
Race by like 2 ton trucks
An empty freight train
May shake a small town
However the frenzied freight truck
Shakes my nerve
Serving up appetite for destruction
Watching with watchful eye
Seeing itty bitty houses fall to the ground
Like a house of cards being blown over
Once the appetite is fulfilled
My notions will be settled
Once and for all
Justice, Peace at last
Resetting happiness
To the beginning of
A brand new day
Where love settles in the hills
Looking over the tip top of the mound
You notice the sun shining
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 565
Out Here on my Own
Out here all alone, no one can see me nor hear my deepest of thoughts, all I am left to do is think about all the things you’ve said to me, missing your smiling face but all I can do is look out into the distance and I will have all your words of inspiration running through my head. Your last words of love keep me going, moving along, making it all possible, building a better life for me, soon enough it will make sense to the outsiders that look in. Their outlooks will change from doubt to positive reflection. So I declare this a movement of mysterious ways, dedicated to you my birth mother who is looking down from heaven’s mountain. The steps I will make, the steps I will take, all in the right direction, the high road will be taken always. I know you will be there in the end holding the gates open for me to walk through. When I do we will once again be together, we will play the games we once played when I was a little boy filled with joy. Until then the times well spent together will remain running through my head, and all the things you’ve said will keep me moving in the rightward direction.
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 1.2k
My Love Grows Deep
An everlasting courtship is what we share
A loving affair of desirable excitement
A perpetual movement of your sweet lips sending out a message
A notation spoken upon my ears with compassion
My heart sheds light upon pathways
Trails of my undying love for you
A passion that which has grown into a field of red roses
Hand in hand we go frolicking through the meadows of our beating hearts
Colliding to the earth’s surface, embracing the warmth of our bodies
Sensually licking and caressing one another
Fireworks fill the skies above
As our sensuous rendezvous explodes through the atmosphere
Sending us on an ****** journey through idolizing romance
As our worlds collide to make one symbolic binding
Oh how I admire you sweet valentine
Sharing our sweet divine love for one another
Gives me the brightest of days to look forward to
Knowing that I am your Romeo to my Juliet
The beholder of the key to my heart
A rose for each of the ways I love thee
I count the countless ways that my heart grows fonder of you
Having you near has decorated my life with pure happiness
Maintains a continuous smile and twinkle in my eye
Sweetheart I give you all my tender loving care
For the rest of our days spent together in perfect harmony
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 1.2k
Honorable Man
God, give me the Strength & Courage
To be all that I Want to Be
A man of many Honorable Standings
One who all seek to Rely On
In their Weakest Moments
A man who holds the Truth of God
One who delivers the Scriptures with Meaning
Even to those who have turned to look the Other Way
A man who once was Humble
One who was down on his Luck
Kicked to the curb and Left for Dead
God, your scriptures of True Manifest
Have lifted me Up to my Feet
To embark on the Immaculate Journey
Alongside You
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 798
Honey, I’d bandage your heart however you threw away the insight I was offering.
Pushed away my arms which were wide open letting you collide into my love.
You ran your mouth and said some hurtful things.
Making me feel useless, keeping me at my feet so you may rely on my love to uplift your soulful spirit.
I will stand in and in, listening to you bantering on and on about whatever went wrong.
Causing this pain that runs its fingers upon your happiness.
My dear I tell you open your pretty eyes wide to look around you to only see the rainbows left in the sky.
Don't stop paving your ways to a brand new day, keep on striding.
Remember there will be better days offering you the best of which life bountifully grants among you.
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 912
Deep Intuition
A light is lit within as my mind wanders the caverns of my inner
thought, there are many twists and turns as I venture through my inner
being, the thrill holds me dear to interactions with others as I draw
close to my abilites of perfect conversation through sheer laughter and
pure enjoyment...I live for the moment to come as the momentum of
today spins out of control, my mind falls to its own eminent reaction
©Aiden L K Riverstone.,.2010.,.
Apr 2010 · 544
Short Comings
My darling your deceitful lies jab me like the kitchen knife you use to
carve my life away with, stabbing deep within my back as you swindle
your way through my last dieing breathe, This I promise you will not be
alone when I am gone...for you will be haunted by remaining spirit as I
take your last remaining steps plotting your deceitful death
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
Fortune, fortune…fortunate son of prophecy
Preaches his sermon to the masses of relentless ones
A boy child with blond dusty hair, big bulging blue eyes with fair complexion stands by
Listening to the sermonizer as he delivers his powerful words of peaceful kindness
A kingly man speaks ******* as the statements shift forward in a timely matter
Plains of destructive aftermaths, horizons of thronged hysteria
Captivates the surroundings, laying in the background like plagues in biblical portions
“Raise my son, this is the day we shall rise and go onward... the time is now to rebuild”
States the preacher’s blessed father as he be troves his scriptures with tightened grip

Child becomes man that very day, setting forth his striving ambitions
Letting go of his childhood memories with a fight to change what once went wrong
Standing in the darkest hour of his destiny, he becomes tame with greater conviction
It will be no easy task knows the boy; he will set forth with courageous tidings
Bravery will stand the test of time, witnessing the spiritual uplifting momentums

Kingly man stands in the way of his convictions, for he is a self loather
Built to the hilt in muscle and stubbornness filling his belt buckle
His abilities hold him from ever knowing life’s greatest mysteries
Diabolically he counts the steps of world *******, standing taller than any man before him
But it is he who will be overran by Prophetic Son of the Holy Spirit

The land as far as any man can see lay in grey ****** rubble
Ambiance of ash strewn clouds fogged the earth’s surface
Causing transportive means to get choked out, shutting down the crossroads of societies
However to the man child, who stood the chance of defeat. Saw nothing of this sort
He looked out onto the existing landscape and saw roadways paved of solid gold
Trees blooming with fully bloomed cherry blossoms, and fields of floral arrangements
The king did not like anything of the sort, so he tried and tried to foil the rehabilitation
Of the groves of smiling girls and playful boys while the elders cheerfully applaud
However the kingly man became overrun by the source of his own allegations
Turned the cheek and gave way to the man who once was a child, the day stays brighter
on the other side of reality looked around to adore what you have set before your very own eyeful delight
©Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 724
Symphony of Madness
Pardon me in my own symphony of madness
A tool of my own sadness, oh boy what a feeling that is
It’s not poor nor is it ****, so I suggest you sit right back and enjoy
For humorous attempts are only to take joy, creating pure fun
So here I got the run of the bun, Yeah it surely is nice to live
Lessons of the positive, dropping on the mind like intellect
I hear ye, dearly elect….Without any rhyme or reason
The one who may create the least treason…Holding onto your seats
Cashing in on all your receipts, Tickets of winning numbers
No longer living by the warm timbers, Refreshing to say the least
Some may call it very beast…Of me to rummage through moods
Many have given their perfect attitudes, Learn then let live…Breathe
A jewel encrusted knife kept within its sheathe, I promise you’ll never go cold
The tale can be told, in many ways
Spread out over many days, although why tend to boredom
Leading us not into whoredom, deliver us our daily bread
Thy concrete kingdom come along with street cred, as heaven’s mouth is open
At last it becomes very Zen, Living to learn
Rights under a government mule are hard to earn, no sense taking them for granted
Always being doubted, keeping a watchful eye
The lurker leans toward using the skills of a spy
Soon our story will be drawn to an end
Appending my wrongs as my rights come to a bend
Rendering my sins under microscopes as they unbend
Entering the light, being dunked in pools as I ascend
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
To the entire genophobe society, how does it feel

To never be felt from the inside rubbed from the outside,

Never ever to feel pure ecstasy as another being from another society aside from yours

Wraps themselves around you like a bandage never ever to feel explosive feelings gyrating your body

Sending your into complete overdrive coming to a complete meltdown as it slows down

Driving you madly between the silky bed sheets

Devinely driving you like a Amazonian wilder beast out on the prowl

For fresh blood fresh meat, licking the lips of sweet nectar, chomping down on tangy bananas

Riveting I think that you fear what you have never once had

Is quite maddening, so give me some insight on how this deserts you from ever having a ****** preference

From either Guy on Guy/******* Girl/Guy on Girl *******

While you're the main course serving you some delights from the garden of Eden

Giving or receiving money shot, drinking the cream of chicken

Sukki Sukki 5 dollar driving away from curbs of Forty-Second streets through red light districts

Climbing ****** while knees buckling, oh Lord I think I'm about to explode Fourth of July fireworks

As the world shakes beneath our four post bed with wrists tied mouth gagged with leather bindings.

Water sports if you are into that type of thing, just not my cup preferably DD sized **** but any size works

It's not the size that countsit's the motion of the ocean that really works.

Karma Sutra, ****** positions galore all within books at libraries

*** education taught by **** luster ******...Teachers thrown away for doing the outer limits

Just so they can have a moment of limelight without dancing around poles for dollar dollar bill ya’ll.

Now what makes you afraid, paddles whips chains

“Oh my, what a time!” a sadist would say to their delightful whims.

So be afraid be very afraid of the ****** world.
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 744
Unsignificant Ramble
Skipping stones, Breaking bones
Jumping stones on riverbeds of jones
Dancing to the Stones while smoking bones

Crashing cars under the stars
Driving cars through concrete jars
Shooting stars way above convertible cars

Warm air passes through there
Cool brisk air blesses Blue Day'd fair
Oh where art thou fair, It was there soon it will be here

Dancing away the night dressed as a modern day knight
Way above floats a kite, Oh what a blessed sight
Closing night, don't put up a fight

Dressing to the nine Bump and Grin(d)e
You looked so devine, I shall sit a while and pine
Through the withering pine, We shall go at nine

Enjoy me for awhile as we sharpen the crocadile
Hot waxed tile, Drinking oxen bile
Stay around while, For I am about to get on the dial

Video spin DJ Twist up a jay
As we begin to sway In a new way
Never gay Today I will stay

Enjoy don't be a toy
A girl and boy listen to Tolstoy
For Orbison of Roy will begin to destroy
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
Wondering why it had to be this way, why you had to go away
Lining the streets with rose petals that you once walked upon
The living years will always be remembered; the dying years will be long forgotten
You will never be too far from the hearts of many, holding possession to my growth
Molding me into the great man that stands before your grave, with tears in my eyes
I will never grow humble, weak, or run on scared feelings…with you watching
From a great distance, though you are not on this plain of existence
I still feel you as if you were standing in over my shoulder
Looking in, telling me that you love me for who I am, understanding the changes
That I must make, but may not always be the right decisions…learning from those
Cherishing the rightful movements that I take through the shadowy nights
You have given me the best gift of all, you may never know it but I am grateful
Thanking you for the life you have given to me, the name you have shared with me
A great family standing behind me, backing me through thick and thin
Providing an everlasting love that can never be broken, a bond of enrichment
Sharing many great laughs and wonderful stories with me, of the times you ran
An ability you once shared playfully with me, the time was passed on like a baton
Now I run the marathon you once taught me, setting goals that can be met
Setting new standards, living in the light you provided me with when you went away
My love for you will never ever dissipate, never ever will grow old only deepening
With each step I take I will dedicate the footprints to you my dearly departed mother
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 602
True Friendship
Eyes to the sky, as we look upon the doves
Soaring through the skies the lord has granted us
Passion grows deeply within our hearts
Sharing with one another the respect and honor
Each has come to deserve through years of camaraderie
Blessings arrive in the smallest of packages
Providing the biggest, warmest of decadent smiles
A spark of trueness lights the darkest of pathways
Triumph decorates our hearts with warmth for the coldest of days
As friendships grow over the years in perfect harmony
Collective souls share empathy, Collective spirits colliding
Only to create a perfect portrait like a Picasso or Rembrandt
Wisdom shared with one another, is like a red or white wine
Aged with such perfection, an everlasting taste of greatness
From the lips of the cherished onto the ears of the appreciative
I say these words that I may share with all to learn
The rose colored light you shed upon me in the darkest of hours
Will burn an everlasting flame of hope
Getting me through the toughest of times
Life is grand when sharing it with those who love and keep you near
So never trade it in for anything else my beloved friends
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 549
Grand Tour
Allow me to give you the grand tour of my mind, to the left there is an
ever growing wisdom set in its ways giving off radiant beams of light
paving pathways to my heart and all that I hold dear to my passions.
Friends come and go, but those who have stayed through the years
have grown to become family, for those who have shared their support
systems through the times. I am deeply within gratitude respects to
you and always will roll out the red carpet leading into paradise of the
corners of my mind. To the right there is truth draped upon my
personal meaning of life, optimistic outlooks paneled upon my walls of
reflection. The extreme overcoat of poetry covers it all; I shall only
bleed when needed…believe me I need not to do it always. In the
furthest corner of my mind lies a pile of unfinished yet duly noted
pages of written words, which brings me here to this segment of the
blogosphere. With hopes of this becoming a grand masterpiece of my
well thought out ideas, respective points of view, and other duly works of art.
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 2.3k
Phantasmal Orgasm
The silenced weep on pastel colors
While rainbows pass through windowed thoughts
Deep within my mind is a trail leading to a universe
Stellar happiness draped upon rivers of joy
Going out on a limb, to jump from dreams
Onto pages of hopes written ravishingly
Imagination runs away from me wildly
Remaining intact with its childlike ways
Jumping into puddles of mirages
Swimming in pools of fantasy
Hallucinating on what may come
Imaginary imagery dancing upon moonbeams
Jarred in glass jars held upon windowed shelves
Closing eyes tightly around the glimpses of sweet serenades
While musical tones create beautifully painted canvases
Once blank without any reflection
Mirrored images of the future grants introduction
While paintbrushes meet color tones in seduction
Secluded rendezvous leading into ****** sensation
Alluring lust into temptation, leading away from separation
An everlasting desire of dreams entering reality
When morality grows a deepened mortality
A work of art is born on vacant sheets
As contentment drives on desolate streets
Harmonious melodies playing through radio beats
Creating muffled brightness through dusk’s doorway
Sun shining in through my mind in a magical way
A beginning to a brand new day
Has started, Today!
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 849
Out Taking Life for a Spin
Talking in declarative circles
Grabbing you by the wrist
Don't detest as you utter in cackles
Trust me I insist
Pulling you to the center of your attention
I write in rhythm not in rhyme
Go ahead alleviate the tension
A new beginning intensifies through the time
Forgetting the bouts that we once fought
Learning to love one another
Remembering the life lessons we've been taught
Coming to understand the earth mother
Devotion to an ocean of imaginative thought
May seem imperative at first glance
However these gifts will always be brought
With each passing moment will come with a brand-new chance
An occasional opportunity may knock at your door
For the first time in your lifetime you'll accept it's power
Spread your wings as you take to the crystaline blue skies, Soar
Your standards will have no need to lower
As long as you believe in yourself
Trusting deep within
Medals of honor upon the shelf
Out taking life for a spin
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 649
Spark of Light
Spark of light
Enter my life
Shine through
Darkest hour
Minutes ticking by
Determined I am
Get through get by
Praise this moment
Entertain these words
Uplift my spirits
Head above the water
Wading through the deep end
Tip toe across floor boards
Of the back roads
Struting through the never ending
Miracles flashing upon brick laden walls
Truth within hidden scrolls
Opens our minds
Mysterious outcomes
Incoming destinies
Embrace those
As you choose your gold dusted pathways
Running to the open arms
Feeling a deep satisfaction
Honoring yourself
Amongst this here pedestool
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
This poem can be read in 2 ways (from beginning to ending, ending to beginning).
Sorry, I made you feel the way you feel. Sorry I caused your heart to
palpitate. Sorry I caused so much pain to you and all around you.
Sorry that I didn't believe. Sorry that I didn't let go of the past when I
should have. Sorry for turning my own back on myself. Sorry I was not
there, for your slanderous torment. Sorry I gave up when I should
have continued. Sorry I failed you but I will try harder in the next
moments to come. Sorry my tears roll down my cheek. Sorry that I
have pushed all away because I thought it would have been easier.
Sorry that I am not there to hold your hand in your darkest hour.
Sorry I closed my ears, opened my mouth. Sorry I walked away to
never turn back. Sorry I will never see another horizon through the
right perspective. Just plain old SORRY I EXIST...I need to go from
your wayside, let you be...become...believe in yourself. Taking one
step at a time, where every second counts, where every turn will be for
the better. Trust that you will make the right choice, if not try it again
this time around, achieve it better then the time before. Grab a hold of
yourself and pull yourself away from this inferno, enter the light. Let
yourself be great, stand tall. Stop slapping your own face around, look
into the mirror with smile filling cheeks. Fall down a lot, to get up and
do it all over again. Find your safe place; hold it dearly in your heart.
First and foremost believe in yourself, and never believe in the past
only the future is as wide open as you make it appear. So continue
punching holes in walls that get in your way, hurdle them obstacles.
So goodbye old friend, as I step aside to allow positivity to move in
where I've painted the walls with grayscale painstakingly nightmares.
It’s about time to open the lid on positive fortitude. Let old dogs lie,
while negative energy dissipates from my soul. Remember to trust the
trueness of positivity has to offer. God bless you, believe in you, and understand you!
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 904
Clarity of Time
If truth were nothing but a blur
Would the rumors fly on broken wings
Facts served out of can size meals
Lies leaving dents in side cars driven
By mystified stories of blusterous beings
Would history make any money
Selling its news to TV anchors
Who only twist the hands of fate
How would it come about
Where would it end if it had no beginning
What would the middle man's beat be
How would it be foretold if it had no before
So it may seem as a blur
As truth only starts out as a hazy remark
Untwist the hands of time
As history unfolds iself
Leaving manuscripts of unanswered questions
Questionable doubt lynches itself
Through remarkable words
With expeditive tension
Trapped beneath the big hand of epic proportions
Open your eyes to clarify opinionated intelligence
Impressions left in the sands of time
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone

This is a result to a haiku I stumbled upon:

Human eyes are so
Obsessed with clarity. What
if truth is a blur?
Apr 2010 · 873
Ordinary Day
Ordinary day, lonesome happening
Quiet as can be, here I sit
In this uneasy office chair, daydreaming
Of what can be, pretending to be
What all I really am, Imagination set aside
Desire catches my eye, Endearment blessing me
On terms anyone could really conceive
What is in a thought, a process which can be deepened
A simple second can change anyone’s life
Whether it be for the better or the worst
Life is what we make of it, use of the proper tool
A lesson to be taught or learnt
Determination of one pure decision
Decisive declaration over biorhythms of allotment
Chronologically prepared to make right
Stepping one foot in front of the other
Tend the watchful eye as it shows you
A golden path through the toughest resolution
Building brick by brick along pastures of purview
Now come to your senses, strike a pose
Propound on this glorious insight
A betterment for which you will carry on forth
Entering the approachable endeavor of life’s greatest mystery
Setting sight upon goals to live by
Be free to understand the lesser of evils
As your mind yearns for enrichment
That of which comes from the power of virtue
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 1.2k
Mind Corpse- a mythical edge
Minds drawing blanks
To this semi loaded weapon
As broken ear gets spoken upon
By wasteful youth, spewing out mouthfuls
Speech impediments, Speech impairments
Drink to slur your words upon empty promises
Rhythms get tapped out, Rhymes get sung out
Blurred out visions, eye twitches
A sight looking out onto the decaying world
That closes in around the primitive creature
Stir crazed, Trapped and enveloped within its own self mutilation
Its embodiment shivers, shattering dreams
As it looks for the warmth of a blanketed soul
To be swept away like yesterday's recycled tradegy
Ripped torn apart otherwise dumped at its wayside
Tortured by its own demise
The jagged knife slices deep into its wrist
To only impeach a livelihood
Within its own words and steps
Wondering where to go on forth
From this plateau of mystifications
Truth be told, truth be had
Jack the pearl of the living psyche
Caution: Things that go bump in the night, isn't always darkness!
Copyright by Aiden L K Riverstone
Apr 2010 · 513
With Greater Intentions
A graceful praise, A momentous moment
The climb, The leap, The spark of eternity
Life in the fast lane, Crash course
Walk the line, Never to cross it
A straight narrow path, Never too wide
Biased feelings trapped within rat sized cage
Compassionate feelings running through and through
Heart is open wide, Eyes even wider
The height of a new era is about to start
A brand new beginning, An ending shows the way
Any array of doorways opening to endless possibilities
Only one remains closed off, To earn rightful passage
Look deep within your soul, you find a key
Set upon the lane with boots strapped tightly
Don't hunch over, never slouch lazily
Be proud of who you are, Stand tall with honor
Remember we fall to learn how to get up
Errors are to be made,  mistakes are to be learnt from
Feats of strength tend to make us stronger in the eye of the beholder
Tests of courage leads us with gallantry through remorse
Never let defeat overcome our purities
Washing away the mud from our vision
Never to let anything stand in our way
Of our envisions of the grandest intentions
copyrighted by Aiden L K Riverstone

— The End —