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Mar 2019
•heartbreak hurts like a ***** because you let it...

You allowed it to consume your joy and happiness within yourself. You let someone else become the holder of your every fiber.. now you know that heartbreak is only brought on by yourself.

•people do what they want to do....

Regardless of anything that you know about a person, they can always surprise you. Don't take life too seriously, you are not the only one who is stubborn or independent.

•never ever EVER underestimate the power of being a woman..

Woman like the person you will become.. are the sole beginning to every mans life.  You are an earth walking-god created machine that was given the purpose of creating more life.. where would they be without us?

•karma is real, so play your cards right..

"WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES RIGHT BACK AROUND..", "love thy neighbor as you would love thyself." Whatever you put into this world, will be spit back at you.. think think think.

•I can become extremely emotional..

... and yes it can be challenging, but it has also made me love deeper than I ever thought I could.  Have sympathy for situations that most people would look past. I FEEL EVERYTHING. But I love infinitely.  To a fault, but god may say the opposite.  

•I will always be okay.

Just breathe and be present.
Meredith Sjostrand
Written by
Meredith Sjostrand  24/F/Orange County
(24/F/Orange County)   
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