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Mar 2019
Acrostic poem


Challenges often hold within them opportunities
Changing the angle of view can make a lot of difference
Clean your eyes and clear your mind
Choose what you see amongst the myriad of images


Having a positive mindset
Half solves a lot of problems
Housed within you is an unimaginable amount of power
Harness it, choose not to cower


Attitude is everything, they say
Appreciate and be grateful that you can at least see this day
A grateful heart is positioned to receive answers
And blessings usually fall into such laps

Limitations are first created in the mind
Look always on the bright side of life


Lion (King/Queen) you are in the midst of it all
Life and everything in it works together for your good


Encourage yourself each and every day
Elevate God above what you're going through
Excellent He is in all His ways
Express your faith in Him and He will pave a way


Never succumb to the voices in your head
Never hesitate to ask for help
No single person knows it all
Night will surely pass for morning to arrive


Giving up is the easiest option but
Greatness doesn't lie in that route
Give no room to deceptive thoughts
Garrison your mind with positivity


Exude hope and faith from within you
Exercise patience, everything happens in its time
Excellent people are formed during tough times
Evolve, let these things build you up


Success is guaranteed at the end
Students of life, we all are
Situations teach us to be Masters
Summing it up...
Seize all the opportunities present in life's challenges
I wanna perform this tonight, share your thoughts and opinions pls.
Written by
Gods1son  26/M/Canada
   Crow and Perry
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