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Feb 2013
At the sacred heart
of the profane
Utterly forsaken
in the tranquility of exile
An Unformed prisoner
Prowling dead space
and blue skies
As if
they were
the hearts of Men ~
At the center
Of the Unmade
A Leviathan sleeps
dreaming of

Roaming the Confines
Of Paradise
Sequestered in the throng
Of our savage lives-
Witness to our Miracles !
This One
Through the Parthenon
Of our Ruin
A Rook amid our vapid fictions -
Savoring the daily wisdoms
That Delight
In our

At the naked heart
Of the cloaked Soul
Utterly untarnished,
by the ashes
Of our distant fires...
The Unexpected -
Dominates Reality
Immune to our convictions
The Banished One
Is Lord.
It takes no shape imagined
and remains
Beyond the nimbus
of our Theories.

Third Eye Candy
Written by
Third Eye Candy  M/USA
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