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Mar 6
Remembering My first taste of coffee--
just another commodity
standing outside Lowell Tech, a local factory,
a city corner in Haverhill snows— a worker's town
Passing out leaflets for a vapid Revolution
Another action/demonstration
to “Seize the Day!”
No computers; no social media
to fill the ranks of rallies at that time
So we froze our ***** off
trying to explain with sound bites, frosted breath
and fogs of rhetoric

A truth-- so tyranic, remote, arcane
too preposterous to even process
let alone explain

Standing there behind
its barbed wire reality
smoking from its stacks
the poisons of its process

Standing there
Stamping blood into my feet
Trying to convince my freezing self
my breaking heart
that all this truth?
was truly worth it!?
as I threw my education and my life away--
Trying to convince  

...that inside that building
IT-- was being made
****** and
that Agent of Death and Defoliation
of an orange persuasion
so our war could have its way
with rice paddies and jungles
and people of a browner, poorer smaller bent

While on the home-front
we filled the mill with unwilling bodies
that died somewhere else
off site...
“Outta sight”

...or maybe some years later
from toxins dumped in river
left to leach to cancers somewhere else
into the ground they sink
Through tentacled subsidiaries
restructured divestments
Legal dismissals
of responsibility
the players run like roaches
for the exits

One fast move after another
they dissolve disperse
morph into
renamed ****** entities
Clean up their storefronts
clean out our pockets
while “providing jobs”
“investing in community”
along the way
Putting on a Goodwill Tour
taking it away

“What?  We never said....”

We'll take you down
leaving only the stench behind
The history of the Dow chemical company is a mind-boggling tour indeed.
I'll leave it to the reader to decipher the speaker of the last two lines.
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