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Feb 2013
Wake up kiddo,
Please take a seat.
Preferably in the back,
Where you were conceived.

I ****** your mom so hard,
Half in anger and half in love.
She couldn't seem to pick a side,
Now she smiles on us from above.

Sacrificed it all,
To bring you into this world.
And I can understand why,
You're such a beautiful girl.

I hated her for leaving,
I loved her for wanting to stay.
I hated the way she was forced to choose me,
So many others left astray.

You really are a gift,
She looked just like you.
Stunning, small, and smart,
I loved her too.

A fault turned blessing,
But a curse in disguise.
You took away the love of my life,
Replaced her and stole my eyes.

Hand and hand I'll raise you,
With no one else in this home.
My little beautiful baby girl,
Us alone in this starving world.
You will drive my life now.
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