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Mar 2019
I don't know what love is
I mean I do, at least I think I do
But I don't know how to explain what it is
This feeling that kinda makes me a fool

I can only but attempt
To tell you what love feels like
It's an inexplicable feeling unlike contempt
I know that's not an explanation, hahaha, psyche

Let me just say
It's warmer than a hug
Sweeter than a may-
Flower's nectar to a bug

I may not know what love is but I know that rhyme was lame
But there's one person who loves me all the same
Though no one knows his name
With me there's no need to compete for fame
Because your love burns brighter than a flame
And if my heart burns to ashes I'll have only you to blame
And pray that you don't drench my lashes

I forgot I had to explain love
From verse one to the fifth
So before I drift
From the subject again like I did above
Let me get this off my chest
I don't really care what love is or what it means
I only care for you and not the rest
So I guess you know what this means
It means that you are the best

It means that there's only one person I love
And that one person is you

Miss Fit
Miss Fit
Written by
Miss Fit  22/F/Harare, Zimbabwe
(22/F/Harare, Zimbabwe)   
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