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Apr 2010
You won't be comfortable with what I'm about to say
How you won't acknowledge what you really need
It's not the fear of failure that keeps you away
It's that you can't imagine the pleasure of succeeding.

I'm praying that you'll come around
Because your heart's already true
Just take a risk and convince your mind
I will accept you at face value.

I want to study every single freckle
Because they promise more days in the sun
I want to watch how your eyebrows move
When my hair comes all undone.

I'll watch your lips say all the proper things
While your eyes can't hide what you really mean
They'll give me glimpses down deep inside
And reflect on what you're really feeling.

I'll touch your nose with the tip of my own
And breathe in what you hold back from me
And tell your ear what it wants to hear
Until I convince you to trust in me.

I'll trace my finger around your face
Especially the lines that frame your eyes
Directing me to the places you've been
And the ones I'll visit with you in time.

Picturing you now, chin in the palm of your hand
Pondering why you sacrifice so much to stay true
The universe couldn't shout more loudly at you
Just do it now. Take me at face value.
Written by
Robin Russell  F/Texas
     Daniel Farnam, D Conors and Alexa Sz
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