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Feb 2019
So many shots thrown
Anonymous; unknown
A warning for other women unsuspecting
Met with lies and fools projecting
The truth hurts worse than any lie
That bell rang true with both, they can't deny
That explains the backlash, so excessive
Lies like theirs are below me, no need to be expressive
I choose to rise above, not far to go
When the attackers come from so low
All know where I am, never hard to find
But it's easier to attack with a screen to hide behind
Their mistakes libelous and illegal
My attorney involved, I can keep it regal
My head held high, my heart filled with bliss
The jealously that fuels them is in my husband's kiss
My happiness, my best revenge
My reputation, no need to avenge
Those that matter know my soul
Place them where they belong, back in their hole
They try to silence my creative voice
But the first amendment protects my choice
I choose to write what I experience and what I feel
No one can silence my means of dealing, my right to heal
By no means unable or afraid to respond
But they're fear causes them to bypass me and reach for those beyond
Too strong an adversary I have proven to be
So they would rather chirp like crickets than bring it straight to me
I'll continue to thrive with happiness and pride
My loyal family and friends aligned at my side
I will dismiss with the wave of a hand and a laugh
The rants of those not worth a minute, not even half
I will rise above, rise above, rise above
Fueled by family, friends, loyalty and love
Leisa Battaglia
Written by
Leisa Battaglia  44/F/Louisiana
     nabilah, Fawn, ---, PoetryJournal, Perry and 1 other
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