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Jan 2019
Why do you, with your small hands,
try to carry all these wounds on your back?

It isn’t for anyone’s sake, please don’t push yourself too hard,
Why am I.... while hesitating, i unable to escape?
What I hope is for the sun, the sun to light the way.

Find the way though in this glowing cosmos
our hands can’t quite reach each other,
We depend on only our resounding love,
Because at the end of the path we’ve travelled, we’ll find the light.

You said, “I had a long dream…
It was a very sad dream",
But what I saw wasn’t one bit clouded,
I said,
“It’s okay to cry, because I’ll stay by your side no matter what.”
All I wish is for a hand, a hand to reach up to me

Find the way,
Even without words,
Even without wings to fly on,
As long as we stand our ground in the wind,
Even if we’re the first ones afflicted with this pain.

Giving an answer surely isn’t everything
I’ll be patient, it’s all right, and so you are.

We'll find the light,
You’ll find the way.
For my late best friend, best partner, and best girlfriend ever, who passed away cause of cancer.
I hope you can rest in peace, i hope we can meet again someday.
Yeah, someday maybe..

On a place that we called, "heaven".
Written by
Moon light knight  20/M
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