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Jan 27
what if i just was?

when you zone out, where do you go?

if you look at anything long enough it turns into exactly what you were looking for.

i am looking for nowhere.

hiding in what was.

i want to be in between the lines of my childhood memories,
in between the folds of time
in the solid swaths of color

huffing on emotional echoes.

i want to be in the stills from a movie, but not the running film.

where do ditzy people go when they ditz?

i want to live in the moment before you wake up, when you nuzzle into the void between consciousness and unconsciousness

the in between inhale and exhale

how do i know what words to let out of my

who is the author of my thoughts?
what is making me write this?

i want to be mad

just be.

i am.

its okay.
a poem written while tripping apparently to let sober me know how to get back there
He Pa'amon
Written by
He Pa'amon
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