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Jan 2013
You met Judith
in the woods
at the back
of the cottage
you had the mutt with you

taking it for a walk
on the lead
in case it ran off
she was by
the small pond

in her summer dress
her hair tied back
by a dark blue ribbon
why did you bring your dog?
she asked

the parents said
she needed
to stretch her legs
you replied
looking beyond her

at the small pond
where you used to sit
trying to fish
but caught nothing
where shall we go?

she asked
let’s go sit
by the small lake
(as you called
the large pond)

and we can sit and talk
what about your dog?
oh she’ll be ok
I can tie her lead
to the nearest tree

she’ll have room
to move around
and sniff and root out
insects if she likes
you said

I bet you say that
to all the girls
Judith said
and laughed
and you smiled

and took in
her laughter
and the way
she laughed
her eyes

brightening up
her lips parting
like a breaking dawn
and taking
your spare hand

she walked you through
the woods stepping over
brambles and fallen branches
to get to the outer fence
which she climbed over

but you climbed through
and the mutt walked under
and as you walked
across the field
to the lake

she said
I hope no one saw us
the other day
when we did those things

what makes you think they did?
you asked
holding the mutt in check
as it tried to run off
just something

my mother said
before I came out
this morning
when I said
I was meeting you

you said
was she on the war path?
but it was the way she said it

as if she knew something
about us or me and you
and that day
and where we were
a rook flew overhead

a black flap of wings
a loud call
shouldn’t think
so you said

watching the rook
fly off
the mutt barking
she was just trying

to dig out something
or maybe she just thinks
the worst of me
you said

Judith said
and became silent
as you both moved
towards the large pond
( the lake as you called it)

and sat down
after tying the mutt
to the nearest tree
where it sat staring
at you both

with its dark eyes
as Judith laid her head
on your shoulder
staring out
at the skin of water

on the pond
and the slight shimmer
where dragonflies
came and went
on the surface

and whispered
I love you
which vibrated
along your shoulder
and into your heart

and you couldn’t see a time
you’d not be together
or ever
this side of death
be apart.
Terry Collett
Written by
Terry Collett  Sussex, England
(Sussex, England)   
   martin, ---, victoria and liv
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