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Jan 2019
Why are you sad?
Art is camouflage.
I must wear my feelings on my skin.
No one will know how I feel.
Do I feel?
How do you feel about me?
Why does no one ever answer that question?
The answer must be they do not.
Do they feel?
I never understand.
Someone told me I understand human emotion very well.
I never understand.
Why is almost a word?
I want to rip it out of existence.
I am not gentle.
Do I hurt people or do people hurt me?
I wish I was gentle.
I want to touch something without breaking it.
I think I have broken myself while writing this.
Are people looking at me?
Do they see the pieces of me falling to the ground?
This poor, broken girl.
No. I am invisible.
I like it this way.
It is okay if you don't love me.
I would prefer you not see me.
Do you think about me?
Yes. I can feel it in my chest when you do.
Or maybe I feel it in my chest when I think of you.
We can't forget people on purpose.
That pleasure is saved for accidents.
Sometimes I see people that look familiar.
Sarah Foster
Written by
Sarah Foster  21/F/New Jersey
(21/F/New Jersey)   
       Crazy Diamond Kristy, Fawn and Colm
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