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Jan 2013
Such a pretty face coupled with a destructive mind,
Intercepting and interjecting into every thought all the time.
Poor little girl lost everything she once had,
I'm trying to feel something but all I can come up with is mad.
Not sure if I lost it seeing how I never had it,
But I feel a part missing an emptiness that needs fulfillment.
She lost the constant in her life,
And no I'm not talking about her serrated knife.
Her boy, her friend, her only love,
Judging by her reaction I am none of the above.

Weeks or months she waited for the chance,
That she could walk away from her steady romance.
Go see me another animal like her,
*** driven and crazy but a most kind sir.
Alas when the chance finally came around,
She threw all her words away to get back in the same crowd.
All of her promises, her wishes, and her desirers,
I'm the ******* fool for thinking you weren't a liar.
He made you choose and you couldn't decide,
Which makes me your second option? No, goodbye.

No, I refuse to considered less.
No, stop trying to take off your dress.
No, I'm not your ******* pretty boy ***** leave me alone.
No, stop inviting me to your home.
No, I have had enough with these guiltily feeling and dread.  
No, stop trying to get back in my head.
No, I know everything you said was just a lie.
No, you told me you loved me, WHY!?
No, I always knew he was better than me.
No, why would you want to set me free?

Loved you and hated you all at the same time,
Master and slave the tale of an incoherent rhyme.
Is it finally over...?
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