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Dec 2018
Truth being the actual facts
Timelines that illustrate the stacks
A look back with helping to move forward
But knowing the truth one must be able to except the truth
Believing the truth is real
But along with truth comes lies
However that should be no surprise
A perfect example is when the WHITE HOUSE makes a statement it becomes a questionable though being truth with a lie mixed in
It wasn’t until when
There was no truth from the very beginning
Lies become the forefront
Truth was never meant to be the font
Real truth is real understanding with wanting to expel the truth
But Dr. Dyson explains the truth right out and being direct
β€œFact is and it is fact that will stay”
Lies don’t make it right, but they do try with no understanding and guidance behind it
Truth is knowledge within the understanding, and the theory of precise logic in strategy
So what does truth sound like?
Make a Truth statement and watch for the response
Can you handle the truth?
Listen for the facts
This is my review and what do you think of that.
Written by
preservationman  New York City
(New York City)   
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