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Dec 2018
your indifference remains as a ghost on my lips
and they sting like frosty mist
collarbones claw on the surface of my skin
as the naked air leaves it’s kiss

and the wings that once fluttered betwixt heartstrings
have slept carelessly on the ground
like strands of hair mistaken for threads of lust
parting limbs that were never meant to be bound

your teeth were glazed with honey
sugar crystals hiding the freckles on your nose
your lungs are calm and alcohol free
yet intoxication’s inevitable, my pores would hate to close
when your breath is hugging my nape so tight
and I can’t see your empty eyes
distant memory of impatience
in love with nothing but the end of the night.
when you’re so in love with someone and think they’re in love with you too until you share your first kiss and realize it wasn’t true because his lips taste like indifference and boredom lays along his gums you thought his honey would mix with your chocolate bones but he has proved you wrong
Written by
Lia  16/☾┊she’s in the rain ┊ ☆
(16/☾┊she’s in the rain ┊ ☆)   
     Santita and Fawn
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