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Apr 2019
I sit on the bathroom floor
Though there's not much room in here
It's the only place I can truly be alone
I'm crying
But not tears of sadness or joy
Not pain or anger either
The tears are of nothingness
They form for no reason
They fall for no reason
At times when they fall
I may be reading a text from my bf
Or a book I've read a thousand times
I do not know why the tears come
They just do
My eyes don't get puffy when they come either
No one can even tell I've been crying
For no reason
I welcome the tears though
Cause I know they may have just been Tears I was meant to cry before
When something bad happened
But I had to stay strong for
My youngest sister
I had to comfort her
No one else could
They were too busy crying themselves
So that's why I didn't
So that's why I let the tears fall
I know one day they won't fall again
But I dread that day
Cause that would mean
Something bad has happened
And I'll be back to square one
Please don't think much of this, I wrote it forever ago and just now found it so I decided to share it
brandy hall
Written by
brandy hall  25/F
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