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Dec 2018
That’s a lie,” I replied angrily. “ My father’s name was Robert Boreman. My mother met him in Philippines, where I was conceived.” Robert been a vampire and she love him dearly. Unfortunately, he’d disappeared before I was born, under suspicious circumstances.
She’d believed that he’d been murdered by a previous jealous lover, but never really liked talking about it.
“ Unfortunately, that’s not true at all.”
“ Of course it’s true. What make you think that she will lie to me? To come to think about it, why should I believe you?” I snapped, placing my hands on my hips.
“ You’re a freaken stranger. ****, you could be lying about all of this. “
He reached into his leather jackets and pulled out an envelope.
“ I don’t understand your anger and suspicion. If I were in your shoes, I’d feel the same way. But here, Goerge held it out. “ This letter is from your wife. It explains everything. What so ever Lillian knew that her life was in danger and wanted to make sure you learned the truth, so she gave it to me several weeks ago.”
I snatched it out of his hands and tore open the letter. Than I recognized her handwriting, I felt the blood rush to my head.
My Dearest Sophia,
If you’re reading this letter, then frank has found me and I’m no longer among the living. I know you’re going to be angry and confused by the time you’ve finished reading this, and for that, I’m so terribly sorry. I’ve kept so many secrets, but only because I was trying to protect you.
Let me start out by admitting that John was not your biological father. He was a mortal man that I met and fell in love with when you were just a babe. Your real father, and I’m so sorry to break this to you, is David Ellis. Admittedly, I once cared for David, before learning what kind of monster he really was, and what exactly he was capable of. David killed John when he learned of my feelings for him and wanted to do away with me as well. Fortunately, I was able to escape with you before he carried out his plans. This is why I haven’t hated David Ellis and why I never told you much about him. I had that feeling he wanted me dead and I couldn’t bear the thought of him or his vile council getting their hands on me. David would have told you so many lies, making you believe that my love for Dechone had broken his black heart. The truth is, Dechone only loves what he can’t have and right now that’s you and your friends. I stopped reading. “ Me and my friends?” Did you know that I have brothers?”
He nodded.
“ How many are there?”
“ At least three more that we knew about. Your father wasn’t exactly sure the correct number.”
“Are they alive?”
“ I believe so.”
“ Are any of them Sophia’s daughters?” I asked, horrified. All of this was making lies and secrets.
“ No. Each of them had different fathers.”
Sighed in relief. “ Do they know about us?”
I’m aware of it. In fact , I believe only Fonzi who knew about David being her father.”
“ Fonzi?”
“ Yes, Lillian. She’s one of my sisters. There are two others. There only one I’m sure of her name.  “ This is crazy, “ I mumbled, going back to the letter. We could have somehow stood up to David and his hunters together.
“Are you okay?” ask Sophia, studying me.
I look up at Jarrett. “ What do you think?” On his face. “ I imagine you’re furious that she kept all of this from you.”
“ You shouldn’t do that.”
“ And you’re also thinking that because you’re part vampire, you might have been able to help save her life.”
“ Yep.”
“ That both of you could have defeated David and his hunters.”
“ Ladies and gentlemen, we have ourselves a mind-readers,” I said dryly, reaching over to the nightstand to grab a tissue.
Lillian eyes twinkled. “ Your mother warned me about your snarkiness.”
“ It’s called a sense of humor. I take it you don’t have one?”
“ Only at the expense of others,” he replied, smiling slowly. “ And don’t worry, I’ll leave you alone right now. Considering the circumstances.”
“ You’re too kind.”
“ You should be flattered. It usually isn’t one of my strong points.”
I smiled and shook my head.
“ So, what’s your story, anyway,” I asked.
How did you know my mother? “ The man you thought was your father, Celso, he was my step father.”
“ Really?” I said, not expecting that answer. “ Were you close?”
“ You could say that. He practically raised me.”
“ What happened to your parents?”
“ My grandma died in illnesses and cancer to the heart. My grandpa died when I was seven, he had a ******. “
Obviously he wasn’t born a vampire. Lillian had had a rough life. “ I’m sorry to hear that.”
She shrugged. “ It’s been a long time. Unfortunately, I barely remember either of them.”  
“ How long ago was it?”
“ My grandpa died in 2006. “
“ And that’s when you guys already here in Vegas?”
“ We move into our apartment, actually. Then we moved out to a different apartment. When I was eight I couldn’t actually remember so much. What about your mom and dad. And your two brothers.
“ Idelfonso has a wife?”
Why, is it’s hard for you to answer.
“ Yes, khaila. Khaila is my wife, we have a beautiful daughter. Her name Xana. Beside of all that, sometimes I get pain on my legs. Even enough to tragedy my life. What are you talking about. I’m talking about my pain. And your talking about, you saw David hunter ****** someone. “ One of the females took a liking to me. I was charmed and the next thing I knew, I was in her bed and her fangs were buried in my neck.
My eyes widened. “ But you escaped?”
“ Not right away. I was Serena’s captive for about a month and then she decided to make me into a vampire.

“ Let me guess, that was her undoing?”
A grim smile spreads across his face. “ Aye. Right after Sophia turned me into her kind, the spell she had over me died.
Emilia Rodriguez
Written by
Emilia Rodriguez  47/F
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