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Dec 2018
My jumping from the Gmajor 9 on Fsharp of an alternate
but a similar
baseline and notes
My Master & a Hound

My hammers on fifth to eighth to fifth to third
sliding across a string at C
later a string of G
My Shrike

My narrow slide on D and B and back a middle 8
maybe a strum on an A
flowing a Bminor
My Cherry Wine, My Tennessee Whiskey

My Cadd9 alternate of C. Two steps down
one Up
Em, D-reamy
My Walk on Water

My attempts to shine you bright by a thumb
on an E
for a Csus2 to an Aflat
My Neon


Were I to play you something,
Something like
Something like Olivia,
It would be about like so.

Wouldn't it, now?
That was for you

Also, special thanks to Fayre for giving me the first song.
Written by
Boi  21/M/On a chair
(21/M/On a chair)   
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