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Dec 2018
Why must she tempt me-
With that which I want most,
Her acceptance is all I want,
For she is the hardest to please.
Her way of making me forget my anger, forgive her.
An act of love out of her own guilt consummation.

The temptation is great for all I have is she.
Her heartwarming smile,
It melts my ice and lights an ember so bright.
But no,  I will not, should not-
Succumb to this treachery.
For the love she portrays
Is a facade,  a deceit only she-
Can possess.

She'll pat your head,
Tell you your own stories through her eyes-
And compliment all those situations.
She is a manipulator,
For she waves her love;
Your weakness and desire,
In front of your eyes.
Watching the want in those orbs.
I will not,  should not-
Succumb to her will.
For she is-
The temptress.
Written by
Kyla Plummer  14/F/Jamaica
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